How To Get The Celebrate Me Fortnite Emote (2024)

Do you want to get your hands on the Celebrate Me Fortnite Emote that has recently been introduced in the game? Find out how you can get the emote with the guide given below.

Fortnite players now have something awesome to look forward to. The highly anticipated ‘Celebrate Me’ Icon Series Emote has arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop.

This emote is ready to bring a burst of celebration to your gaming experience so find out how you can attain this emote today.

How To Get The Celebrate Me Fortnite Emote?

Celebrate Me Fortnite Emote 2

You can get the limited-time Celebrate Me Fortnite emote for the price of 500 V-Bucks. Since this is a limited-time emote, players might want to hurry up and get their emote before it is removed from the Fortnite shop.

To get your hands on this exciting emote, head over to the ‘Featured’ section of today’s Item Shop.

The ‘Celebrate Me’ Emote is expected to be available for a limited time, so be sure to act quickly to secure it in your collection.

It’s a fantastic addition to any Fortnite player’s emote collection, allowing you to express joy and celebration.

In addition to its entertainment value, the ‘Celebrate Me’ Emote is also an excellent choice for participating in community events and challenges organized by Epic Games.

These events often encourage players to showcase their emotes, making it a great opportunity to join in the festivities, earn recognition, and even receive exclusive rewards within the game.

You can dance your way to victory and create lasting memories with this delightful emote.

Alongside the ‘Celebrate Me’ Emote, you’ll find an array of other captivating cosmetics to complement your style.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the items available:

  • Hacivat Outfit: Step into the shoes of a mysterious and enigmatic performer with this unique outfit.
  • Shadow Puppet Glider: Take to the skies with style using this mesmerizing glider inspired by traditional shadow puppets.
  • Tree Splitter Pickaxe: Harness the power of nature with this imposing pickaxe, perfect for those who prefer a touch of the wilderness.
  • Teef Outfit: Unleash your inner beast with this fearsome creature-themed outfit, sure to turn heads on the battlefield.
  • Globber Pickaxe: Make a smashing entrance with this striking pickaxe that boasts a futuristic design.
  • Goo Glider Glider: Dive into battle from above with this eye-catching glider that oozes with colorful goo.
  • Noshy Wrap: Give your weapons a delectable makeover with this mouthwatering wrap, showcasing an appetizing design.
  • Haze Outfit: Embrace the ethereal and mysterious with this captivating outfit, which radiates an aura of enigmatic power.
  • Starshot Pickaxe: Shoot for the stars with this dazzling pickaxe that is sure to leave your opponents starstruck.
  • Smoke Dragon Outfit: Channel the power of fire and smoke with this formidable dragon-inspired outfit, perfect for those seeking to leave an impression.

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How To Use The Celebrate Me Fortnite Emote?

Celebrate Me Fortnite Emote 1

During gameplay, you’ll need to open the emote wheel to select and activate the Celebrate Me emote. The method may vary slightly depending on your platform.

For PC, press the designated emote key (usually “B” by default) to open the emote wheel. On Console (Xbox or PlayStation), you can press the emote button (often the Right Joystick) to open the emote wheel.

Once the emote wheel is open, use the joystick or directional pad to navigate to the Celebrate Me emote. Now, highlight the Celebrate Me emote in the emote wheel and press the corresponding button or key to activate it.

Your character will burst into an energetic dance, accompanied by lively music, spreading positivity and creating an infectious atmosphere.

The Celebrate Me emote is an excellent way to engage with other players. When you activate the emote, nearby players may join in the celebration or respond with their own emotes.

It’s an opportunity to create a positive and fun environment in Fortnite, whether you’re celebrating a victory or simply having a great time with friends.

To make the Celebrate Me emote more easily accessible, consider customizing your emote wheel.

In the game’s settings, you can rearrange the emotes, placing the Celebrate Me emote in a position that allows for quick and effortless selection during intense gameplay moments.

That is everything you need to know about the Celebrate Me Fortnite emote. We hope that this guide was helpful to you.

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