All Brookhaven RP Easter Egg Hunt Locations (2023)

Brookhaven RP is one of the most popular roleplaying games right now. Unlike other games, the devs of this Roblox game often drop new updates adding new things to the game.

With the Easter Egg Hunt 2023 update, the devs of Brookhaven RP have added more than hundreds of eggs that players are required to find to unlock new vehicles.

The Easter Egg Hunt update of Brookhaven RP is a bit different than other Roblox games like Vehicle Legends, Blox Fruits, Car Dealership Tycoon and Club Roblox.

Yes, you read that right!

In Brookhaven RP, you need to get the Easter Egg Hunt quest first. When you get a quest, you will be asked to find eggs scattered throughout the map.

Ever since eggs were added to the game, a lot of players have been searching for egg locations in Brookhaven RP.

While you are here, you must be one of those players. Don’t you? If yes then you must read this post till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Brookhaven RP Egg Hunt Locations (2023)

Unlike other Roblox games, Brookhaven RP Easter Hunt update has four different modes — Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme.

Finding Eggs in Brookhaven Easy and Medium mode is pretty easy but finding eggs in Hard or Extreme mode is a daunting task.

The best thing about this game is the devs have added all eggs in the Town. Yes, you don’t need to head to outer areas to find eggs in the game.

While finding eggs in Easy and Medium modes, you don’t need to get inside any building because they don’t have eggs in buildings.

While finding eggs in Hard mode, make sure you have a ladder in Brookhaven RP. If you don’t have a ladder then click on the Bag icon located on the right side of the screen. After that, scroll down and select Ladder.

While collecting eggs in Brookhaven RP extreme mode, make sure you have a sleeping bag, ladder and fire truck.

If you don’t have these things in your inventory, make sure to collect them first because you would not be finding eggs in Extreme mode if you don’t have these items.

To know where exactly all eggs are located in Brookhaven RP, make sure to watch the above embedded YouTube videos carefully.

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