Top 10+ Best Roblox Unblocked Games (June 2024)

Wondering about the best Roblox Unblocked games? We have got you covered.

Roblox Unblocked is a way for users to access Roblox games in institutions like schools, colleges, or offices where they might have been banned to create a more productive environment. 

There are a ton of games that you can access using Roblox Unblocked but we have listed the best ones below.

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Best Roblox Unblocked Games List (2024)


There are a large number of titles available for players using Roblox Unblocked. However, if you want to pick out the Best Roblox Unblocked Games, we have created a list to help you out.

Adopt Me!

This game has emerged as a surprising favourite within the Roblox community. You can play this popular game to adopt and raise legendary pets that can be traded with other players.

You can also build your dream house to live out your RPG fantasy with this game. 

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Jailbreak is immensely popular as it allows you to choose sides and customise your game experience. 

You can either choose to be a criminal mastermind and orchestrate a robbery or you can catch the criminal masterminds at work. Moreover, you can even team up with friends to plan a heist or a strategy.

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is a FPS where two teams, Phantoms and Ghosts, fight it out to prove their supremacy. 

There are tons of weapons that you can use and a unique skill set designed for your character. However, recently the numbers for the game have dwindled leaving some players complaining that the game is kind of dormant. 

Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg is essentially The Sims for Roblox. You can live out your fantasy virtual life with the help of this game. 

Players can design their dream house with highly customizable options for furniture, appliances, and decorations. 

You can also pursue exciting careers, and earn in-game money to upgrade your lifestyle.

In addition, you make new friends, start your own family, and enjoy the various activities around town with this game.  


This game is a social hangout and an RPG experience where players can meet online, participate in mini-games, go fishing, and customize their house and appearance.

This is one of the Best Roblox Unblocked Games, where you can use Coins to customize your house, buy a pet Meep, or purchase fishing gear. 


This is a throwing game where you need to be the last one remaining to win the game. You can play with your friends, trade with them in the lobby, and chat with them online in the game.

This competitive game can be a lot of fun and you get to challenge other players for 1v1 combat to test out your skills. 

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War Simulator

This PvP game allows you to face enemies and earn in-game currencies for defeating them. This currency can be used to level up your equipment and your gameplay experience.

You can fight in many different historical wars throughout time, and become the mightiest soldier of all time.

Dawn of Aurora

This is a futuristic third-person RPG set in a post-apocalyptic setting. You can customize your gameplay experience through your choices and set the course of your character’s life.

The game allows you to be an Outsider, trying to survive the wastelands while constantly battling with Mutants. You can also become a citizen of Aurora to get a good life.

You can also play as a Criminal trying to execute their next grand heist or as a member of the defensive military force FEAR to defend the city against the criminals and arrest them. 

How you choose to survive in the game can have a massive impact on your overall game experience. 

Island Royale

This game is basically Fortnite for Roblox. You are released on a beautiful yet perilous island where you have to fight to be the last one standing and be the winner of Island Royale.

You have an open map where you can scavenge for weapons, ammunition, and construction mechanisms.

Ninja Legends 2

This MMO allows you to be a Ninja and enhance your skills while travelling across kingdoms. The game is especially popular because new content is introduced regularly. You can even unlock goods like your own pet as you progress through the game.  

This is the complete list of the best Roblox Unblocked games. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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