Top 9 Best Nintendo Switch Emulators (March 2024)

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console with an impressive number of titles. If you wish to play Nintendo Switch games on other platforms or enjoy old-school games, you can use the Nintendo Switch emulators. 

However, with so many emulators available, it can be tricky to choose one. This is why we have put together a list of the best Nintendo Switch emulators below.

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators List (2024)

Nintendo Switch emulators have opened up a new world of possibilities for gamers. However, it is important to remember that while it is not illegal to use emulators, you need to have a purchased ROM for the game you are trying to play.

Sharing ROMs or downloading the game through unofficial sources can still cause legal trouble for you. So, use these Nintendo Switch Emulators but with game ROMs that you own.

That being said, let us take a look at the best Nintendo Switch Emulators below. 

Yuzu Emulator

Yuzu is one of the most used Nintendo Switch emulators. It has a user-friendly interface and gets consistent updates to enhance compatibility and performance. 

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You can enjoy a vast library of game titles with this emulator. 

Ryujinx Emulator

Ryujinx is another noteworthy emulator for Nintendo Switch games. It is known for its accuracy and compatibility. 

You have features like support for custom textures, online multiplayer,  high-resolution rendering, customizable controls, and shader caching with this emulator. Ryujinx also gets regular updates to enhance its performance and expand upon the list of playable games. 

You get an intuitive interface and a straightforward setup process that make for a smooth user experience.

Project Switch

This is an open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch. It provides users with accuracy as well as an authentic console experience. The team behind Project Switch consistently provides updates to improve the emulator’s performance.

Xenia Emulator

This emulator is commonly known for Xbox 360 emulation but it works well for Nintendo Switch games as well. However, it is still in the experimental phase, with limited compatibility and performance.

Cemu Emulator

Cemu has made significant progress in emulating Nintendo Switch games though it was created initially to emulate Wii U. It offers impressive performance and compatibility for select titles. 

With its intuitive interface and frequent updates, Cemu continues to evolve, making it a noteworthy choice for those interested in exploring Nintendo Switch games on their PCs.


While primarily designed for Nintendo 3DS emulation, Citra also provides limited support for Nintendo Switch games. It offers a user-friendly interface and serves as a great option for users who wish to explore a few select Nintendo Switch titles.

Dolphin Emulator (Switch Core)

Dolphin Emulator is primarily known for its support of GameCube and Wii games. However, it has expanded its capabilities to include Nintendo Switch emulation. 

With the introduction of the Switch Core, Dolphin now offers a viable option for playing certain Nintendo Switch titles on PC. D

Dolphin’s reputation for accuracy and performance makes it a promising emulator for those looking to explore Nintendo Switch games on their computers.


This emulator is a relative newcomer on the scene. It is an open-source emulator that offers an engaging and smooth gaming experience. You can enjoy several popular titles like Pokemon: Let’s Go, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with this emulator.

It is an excellent option for gamers who want to try out a new Nintendo Switch emulator.


This emulator allows you to enjoy popular game titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. 

It offers beautiful graphics that will remind you of the original Nintendo Switch experience. 

These are some of the best Nintendo Switch emulators available right now. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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