All The Best Dead Cells Mods (May 2024)

Dead Cells is an action role-playing gameplay with 2D graphics. It is a roguelike video game that was launched by Steam.

Dead Cell Mods are the alterations made by the players to enhance their gaming experience. There are innumerable mods in Dead Cells that are a big help to players.

With the help of the following Dead Cells mods, you easily change outfits, and weapon skins and also translate the dialogues in the game.

Since mods in Dead Cells play an important role, we have created a list of all Dead Cells mods that you can use right now.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Dead Cells Mods & Their Explanations (2024)

Sr No.Best Mods In Dead CellsDescription
1ShakespeareanUsing this Dead Cells mod, the text in the game can be translated into Shakespeare’s style of writing.
2Expository Korean TranslationWith the help of this Mod, players can add an armoury to the start of the game. They can then choose any weapons and skills from here.
3Inky’s Armory ModWith this mod, players can easily replace default outfits.
4Scorpion Skin This Dead Cells mod helps you change most of the weapon skins to scorpion skins
5Zero SkinWith the help of this DC mod, players can easily replace default outfits.
6Sans modThis DC mod acts like a cosmetic and makes the Giant look Sans-like in Dead Cells.
7Weapon Skin PackageTo get all types of weapon skins and also a giant skin stain this mod will be a big help to players.
8Black and white kingIf you want to replace the running animation then use the Moon Walk Mod to do so.
9Dummy ModTo test the other mods in Dead Cells players can use this Dummy Mod.
10Moon Walk ModLacerator recoloured to look like a samurai can be done with the Samurai Lancerators Mod.
11Martial Arts ModDuring an attack, if you want to hit a faster punch at your opponent then this mod will be a big help.
12OwO “language” modTo modify the English language texts to look more OwO-fied text players must use this mod.
13Samurai LanceratorsLacerator recolored to look like a samurai can be done with the Samurai Lancerators Mod.
14Demons EverywherePlayers can add demons to each and every level of the game with the Demons Everywhere Mod.
15Less GrindTo Dead Cells less grindy this mod is a big help

How To Enable Mods In Dead Cells?

Here are a few simple steps to enable Dead Cells mod:

  • First, open your Steam account.
  • Go to the Options Tab.
  • There, you need to click on Gameplay.
  • Scroll down to find the check box called Activate Mod Interface
  • Turn it on and turn it on.
  • On the home screen launch Dead Cells.
  • Select Normal Mode.
  • A small pop-up box will be seen
  • Click on the OK button on it.
  • Tap on ESC to exit the menu.
  • Click on the Play button
  • Enjoy playing 

What Are Dead Cells?

Dead Cells is an action role-playing gameplay launched by Steam. Players take on the role of mass of cells that they can occupy.

They can then control the body of a deceased prisoner. The players are equipped with weapons and tools to do so. Looking at the popularity of the game the developers soon launched it on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms through App Store and Google Play.

All About Dead Cells

Dead Cell is an action role-playing gameplay with 2D graphics. There is a huge similarity between Gameboy games that helps players feel quite familiar with their workings. They can easily control their characters to move around the map and complete the challenges assigned to them. The maps in the game are made up of many regions, each with its own characteristics. 

Players will be given two main weapons including swords and bows. The game also has machine guns, swords, and darts. that they can choose. To fight the enemies you need to keep on upgrading your weapons and strategy to continue playing. 

The control mechanism of Dead Cells is relatively simple. Players just need to adjust their position and size as best as possible.

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