A One-Piece Game Race Tier List (March 2024)

Are you looking for A One Piece Game race tier list? If your answer is YES then you have come to the right place.

Similar to Soul War and Pixel Piece, A One Piece Game does have multiple races to select. Since each AOPG Race has a unique ability and skill, a lot of players are having a hard time selecting the best Race in the game.

Since the number of players searching for the best races in AOPG has increased nowadays, we created a tier list ranking all races available in the game into multiple tiers — S, A, B, C, and D.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

A One-Piece Game Race Tier List (2024)

Before you jump to our AOPG race tier list, let me tell you that this tier list is entirely based on our personal experience.

Since it is based on my personal experience, it is likely that you might not agree with the ranking.

As mentioned, we have ranked all races available in A One Piece Game based on their abilities and skills.

All AOPG races having the best skills and abilities are put in the S Tier. The remaining races have been divided into four tiers — Incredible, Good, Average, and Worst.

Here are all AOPG races and their rankings:

S Tier Races

  • Santa
  • Hybrid
  • Jinchuriki

A Tier Races

  • Lunarian
  • Easter Bunny
  • Saiyan

B Tier Races

  • Germa
  • Cyborg

C Tier Races

  • Fishman
  • Skypian

D Tier Races

  • Mink
  • Human

That’s all you need to know about the AOPG Race tier list. While you are here, you might be interested to know how to get Armament Haki or Duel Yoru in A One Piece Game.

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