Not Working Fix (October 2023) – SOLVED

Is not working for you? If your answer is YES then you have come to the right place.

Ever since rebranded as, a lot of users have been having a hard time using this Anime website.

Before I explain different methods to fix not working problem, let me tell you that it has all contents that we used to enjoy to According to the statement released by the creators of, the website has been rebranded as due to DMCA issues.

If you have been using piracy sites for years then you must know that it is a common practice for a piracy website.

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It has been only a few days since the website was launched and users have been encountering numerous issues, errors and glitches while using it on their Mobile and PC.

Irrespective of which device you use to enjoy Anime on Aniwatch, if you are having issues like not working, not loading or access denies, you can fix them by using the following methods.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Fix Not Working Issue

As mentioned above, a lot of users have been encountering issues while Streaming their favorite anime on since it was launched.

To use it smoothly, many took to Twitter, and Reddit to find its solution. If you are here to learn different ways to resolve not working problem then keep on reading.

Here are multiple methods to fix the problems:

1. Check Server Status

Whenever you encounter an issue while using, the first thing you should do is check the current server status of the website.

To check the Aniwatch server status, you can visit websites like Downdetector, and Updownradar or visit its official Discord server where they keep their fans updated about the site and its server status.

After checking, if you find down then I recommend you to wait because none of the following methods will work.

If the server is up or working fine for others then you will have to apply the following methods to resolve the issue.

2. Check the Internet Connection

When you have a poor or unstable internet connection, you are bound to encounter Bad Gateway or other server-related issues on

If you are unable to access, make sure to check your internet connection speed. To do so, you can visit online speed testers.

If your internet speed is too low, restart your router and if you continue to encounter the same error then call your internet service provider and ask them to resolve the internet connectivity problem as quickly as possible.

3. Clear Browser Cache

For the unversed, if you visit Aniwatch or any website on a browser, the browser saves the information in the form of cache files.

Unfortunately, these saved cache files sometimes get corrupted or expired leading to numerous issues or errors.

It is likely that you are getting the not working issue due to the corrupted cache, make sure to clear the browser cache.

To clear the browser cache, launch Chrome Browser > Tap on Three Dots on Top Right Corner > More Tool > Clear Browsing Data > Choose Time Duration > Check the Boxes > Clear Data.

4. Use VPN

The next method that you can use to access Stream Anime online, you can use a VPN.

Sometimes, you are not allowed to access pirated websites in your country and in that case, the only method that could work for you is using a VPN.

While using a VPN, make sure to connect it to the country where the website is not restricted or blocked.

When you do so, you would not face any issues while using the website.

5. Restart Your Device

The only method left is restarting your device. Sometimes, we get plenty of errors or glitches due to minor bugs present in our devices.

Fortunately, these bugs are fixed by simply restarting your device. If you have not tried this method yet, do it now and check if the error is gone.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix not working issue.

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