Wisteria 2 Codes (May 2024): How To Redeem Them

Are you looking for Wisteria 2 codes? If your answer is YES then you are at the right place.

Wisteria 2 is a store-based RPG inspired by the Demon Slayer series. Like other Demon Slayer games, Wisteria 2 does have plenty of breathing, clans and items to select.

If you really want to level up fast in Wisteria 2, make sure to select the best breathing style and clan. If you have not gotten a desired clan in Wisteria 2, you can get reroll for your favourite clan by using Spins.

For the unversed, Wisteria 2 players can earn 100 free spins by completing the Shigeru Questline.

Once you have got 100 free spins, open up the Menu and then click on the Robux option. There, you need to hit Reroll Clan.

Apart from using Spins, players can use Wisteria 2 codes to reroll for their favourite clan, race or breathing styles.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Wisteria 2 Codes List (2024)

Active Wisteria 2 Codes

Here are all active and valid codes to redeem in Wisteria 2:

  • Unfortunately, there currently are no working codes available.

Since the game has just been released on Roblox, the devs are most likely to release working codes for Wisteria 2 soon.

As soon as they drop a working code, we will update this post with new codes.


Here are some basic questions related to the game and their answers.

Q1. How to Redeem Codes in Wisteria 2?

Ans: The code redemption process is yet to be revealed by the game developers. Since the devs have not unleashed the exact process, we can’t explain how to redeem codes in Roblox Wisteria 2.

Since the game does not have a code button or Twitter icon like other Roblox games, it is likely that the code will be redeemed in the chat window.

However, as soon as a working code is revealed, we will explain the exact process here.

Q2. How to Get More New Codes?

Ans: To get more new codes for Wisteria 2, you need to follow the game developers on social media platforms — Twitter, Discord, Facebook and Reddit.

Otherwise, visit this page from time to time as we will update this post with new codes when they are out.

Q3. Is There Any Wisteria 2 Tier List?

Ans: Yes, there are breathing and clan tier lists for Wisteria 2. If you have just started playing Wisteria 2 then make sure to go through Wisteria 2 Breathing and Clan tier list first.

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