Why Is Medvedev Flag Not Showing (2024)

If you are a Tennis Sports fan then you must know Daniil Medvedev. He is a famous tennis player who won the Grand Slam 2021, the greatest win for any Tennis player in the world.

Currently, he is competing to win the Grand Slam 2023. However, you have noticed that Daniil Medvedev plays without representing their countries or without a flag.

Many Tennis Sports fans wonder Why is Medvedev Flag Not Showing. Well in this informative guide, we will discuss why Medvedev not representing any country or flag.

So keep on reading and find your answer,

Why Is Medvedev Flag Not Showing

You must be aware that every player from any international sports plays to represent his country. But why Medvedev does not represent any country or flag?

Here is the answer to this question, Medvedev does not represent any country by his name because he is a Russian.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) banned athletes from Russia and Belarus from playing under the name or flag of their countries.

According to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), they have taken this action to oppose Putin’s action against Ukraine.

Here is the joint statement, “Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, and we commend the many tennis players who have spoken out and taken action against this unacceptable act of aggression. We echo their calls for the violence to end and peace to return.”

Luckily, ITF does not stop or ban individual players from competing in international Tennis Sports.

During the Indian Wells, Medvedev said in his statement that he wanted a please through the world and he will complete whatever the ITF said because “that is the only way I can play.”

In addition to this, he says “It’s always tough to talk on this subject because I want to play tennis, play in different countries. I want to promote my sport, I want to promote what I’m doing in my country for sure.”

That is the reason why Medvedev plays without a county flag.

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