Weather Network App Not Working Fix (2024)

Are you encountering problems with the Weather Network App not working as it should? In this guide, we will help you address these issues. 

The Weather Network app allows you to know the weather in your locality using your current location. You can get access to features like radar maps, local forecasts, and severe weather alerts with this app.

Recently, a cybersecurity incident has shut down data systems associated with The Weather Network and MeteoMedia websites and mobile apps. 

This issue is being fixed steadily and the services should be up and running in the next few hours, with full restoration as soon as possible.

However, recently a lot of users have faced other issues with the Weather Network App not working. If you are also facing such issues, this guide will provide you with fixes that can solve your issues. 

How To Fix Weather Network App Not Working?

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The most common causes behind the Weather Network App not working include network problems, loading issues, login difficulties, or temporary bugs that cause the app to malfunction. 

Below we have compiled a list of solutions that can help you resolve the Weather Network App not working issue. 

Verify Login Credentials 

Before diving into complex fixes, ensure that you are using the correct login credentials. If there is a mistake in it, you won’t be able to log into your account successfully.

Check Account Status

You should also check that your account is still active and that it has not been banned or deactivated. If your account is banned and you do not know the reason behind it, the best option is to contact the Support team for the app. 

Restart Your Device

One of the issues you may be experiencing with the Weather Network App not working is a blank or black screen. 

If this is the issue, you need to close your device for a few minutes before restating it again. This gets rid of any temporary system glitches that may be causing the app to not work properly.  

You can also close the app completely and then restart it to see if it works better now. 

Wait For A Few Minutes

The Weather Network App not working issue could also be related to server errors. In such a case, it is best to close down the app completely and try accessing it again after some time.

Apart from this, there is not much that you can do if the issue is server-related. You will just have to wait for the servers to be functional again. You can check the server status for the app online through sites like Downdetector. 

Check Your Internet Connection

The Weather Network App not working issue can crop up due to connectivity errors. You must ensure that your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is working correctly.

You can also try switching your connection from Wi-Fi to mobile data or vice versa to check if the problem is with a specific source of internet connection. 

If your Wi-Fi signals are weak, you can move closer to your router to receive a better connection. You may need to contact your Internet Service provider if your internet connection is consistently unstable or weak. 

Update The App

Another simple fix for the problem is to check whether the Weather Network App is fully updated. New updates often bring patch fixes for known bugs and glitches so it is quite possible that the issue you are facing could be resolved by fully updating the app. 

Contact The Support Team 

Finally, if nothing else is working for you, get in touch with the Support team for Weather Network. This will provide you with a more customized solution for your specific problem. 

This is how you can fix the Weather app not working issue. We hope that the guide was helpful to you. 

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