Viper X Executor: How to Download & Use (June 2024)

Are you looking for a Roblox Mobile executor? If your answer is YS then I would suggest you download Viper X.

Viper X might be a new Roblox executor for you but it does have plenty of features that people love. There is no denying that Viper X is being used by tons of exploiters now but many avoid using it because it asks them to complete some frustrating steps on the Linkvertise website.

If you too want to download Viper X without visiting the Linkvertise website then don’t worry, you are in the right place.

Since our website is based on a massively popular Mobile executor, we try our best to cover all Roblox Executors released on the web.

Since this post is all about Viper X, we will cover everything about this Mobile executor.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is Viper X Executor?

As mentioned above, Viper X is a popular Mobile Roblox Executor that can be downloaded and used as an Arceus X alternative.

Once you have this executor installed on your Mobile, you would not face any issues running any kind of Roblox Scripts on your phone.

Yes, the best thing about Viper X is it lets you run and execute all scripts without any hassle or trouble.

There are plenty of users who love to download Roblox Executors from Linkvertise while many hate downloading from that site.

With that in mind, we will explain both methods here.

How to Download Viper X From Linkvertise?

Unlike the direct link method, downloading Viper X from the Linkvertise website is a bit difficult.

However, if you know how to complete the steps on the Linkvertise website then you would not need to spend much time downloading Viper X.

Here are a few simple steps to download Viper X from Linkvertise:

  1. First, open a browser on your phone and type Viper X into the search bar.
  2. You can also search for Viper X Linkvertise and hit the Enter button.
  3. When you do so, you will see a Linkvertise post containing the Viper X download link.
  4. When you click on the link, you will be taken to the Viper X page on Linkvertise.
  5. When you get there, click on ‘Free Access With Ads’.
  6. After clicking on this button, you have to watch a couple of ads. Make sure to stay there for more than 3 seconds.
  7. After viewing ads for more than 3 seconds, press the Back button.
  8. Now click on the Free Access with Ads button.
  9. When you click on it, a page will appear on the screen showing you the Viper X APK download link.
  10. Click on the Download button to start the downloading process.
  11. Once downloaded, install it on your phone and exploit your favourite game.
  12. That’s it.

How to Download Viper X Without Visiting Linkvertise?

Unlike the above-mentioned one, the process of downloading Viper X from its official site is too simple.

Those who don’t know the procedure must follow the steps written below:

  1. First, visit the official website of Viper X.
  2. After visiting the site, go to the Download button.
  3. After clicking on the Download button, click on the ‘Download Now’ button.
  4. Clicking on the Download Now button will begin the downloading procedure.
  5. That’s it.

How to Install & Use Viper X Executor?

Want to use Viper X to exploit Roblox games but don’t know how to do it then follow the steps written below:

  1. First, download the Viper X executor from its official site or Linkvertise.
  2. Once downloaded, go to the downloaded folder and find the APK file.
  3. Once found, head to Settings and enable Install from Unknown Source. If you don’t have it enabled, you would not be able to install the executor on your phone.
  4. After enabling it, tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process.
  5. Before you launch the Viper X on your Mobile, uninstall the official Roblox app if you have it installed.
  6. Now, launch Viper X and log in using your username and password.
  7. Once logged in, open the game that you want to exploit and wait for the Viper X UI to appear on the screen.
  8. Once appeared, paste the script and click on the ‘Execute’ button.
  9. That’s it.

That’s all you need to know about Viper X executor.

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