Fix Valorant Queue Not Working Issue (2023) – SOLVED

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter. The game has been developed and published by Riot Games known for games like League of Legends. Valorant has been making waves in the gaming world since it was released back in 2020. However many gamers have been facing Valorant Queue Not Working Issue.

Valorant Game

Now it is quite frustrating for gamers to be faced with Valorant Queue Not Working Issue. Do not worry as in this article we shall share with you all that you need to do to solve the issue.

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Why is the Valorant Queue Not Working?

Valorant Queue Not Working.

There can be many reasons for the Valorant Queue Not Working Issue. One of them is the patch updates regularly shared by Riot. These updates include changes to Agents, new maps, and more. After the updates, many players who click on the play button encounter a message saying the competitive queue is disabled.

How to Fix the Valorant Queue Not Working Issue?

Restart Valorant

One of the easiest ways to solve the Valorant Queue Not Working Issue is to restart your game. If there is a bug or an error restarting the game may solve the issue and you can start playing ranked soon.

Server Maintenance

Volarant Server

The other reason that you are facing a Valorant Queue Not Working Issue could be that the server is under maintenance. Riot often initiates server maintenance before significant patch updates. You can check on Valorant’s social media, primarily Twitter where they usually announce. You will have to wait as the servers usually go offline for a few hours and you are thereby unable to play the game during this period.

Network Issue:

valorant error

If your Internet is slow or unstable you may face Valorant Queue Not Working Issue. Do check your internet speed by carrying out a speed test. If it is slow then contact your service provider.

You can even close your router/modem for a few minutes and then start them. Check if the issue is resolved.

Or you can switch from Mobile data to Wi-Fi or from Wifi to mobile data and see if the issue resolves.

What Is Valorant

Valorant riot game

Valorant is a tactical shooting game that has two teams with 5 players in each team. These players can sign in and play from anywhere in the world. The game has two teams battling for supremacy one team is the defender whereas the other is the attacker.

The attacking team can win by eliminating the defenders. The defenders have to destroy the attackers to win the game.

Every game has 25 rounds in it. The team that is able to win 13 rounds will be the winner.
Players can choose their in-game characters at the beginning of the game. These characters are called agents and Valorant has many to choose from.

These Agents come with special abilities that make for different playstyles. Some of the popular characters are Jett, Phoenix, Viper, Raze, Breach, Omen, Sage Sova, Cypher, Reyna, Brimstone and Skye.

Players can also buy abilities and weapons at the beginning of the game for better performance. The free-to-play 5v5 character-based tactical FPS is only available on the PC.

How to download Valorant

Valorant is free-to-play so it is easily available and anyone can download it and start gaming. After downloading the game you have to go to the official site and click “Play FREE”.

Next, you will be asked to sign in to your Riot account. If you do not have one then you need to create a new account. Soon you can start playing the game.

Hope you have found this helpful and your issue has been resolved.

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