Tekken 8 Ranking System Explained (2024)

Tekken 8 is the latest installment in the popular fighting game series, Tekken.

It features 32 playable characters, including new and returning fighters, such as Jun Kazama, Raven, and Azucena. 

It also introduces a new game mechanic called the “Heat System”, which allows players to use aggressive attacks and abilities based on their character’s traits. 

Tekken 8 continues the story of the Mishima and Kazama bloodlines, as Jin Kazama tries to stop his father Kazuya Mishima from conquering the world. 

The game has received positive reviews from critics and fans, praising its stunning visuals, gameplay, and story.

Tekken 8 is one of the most thrilling and immersive fighting games ever made.

In this guide, we will explain to you how the Ranking System Works in Tekken 8.

What is the Ranking System in Tekken 8?

The ranking system in Tekken 8 is a way to measure your skill and progress as a fighter. 

You can rank up or down by playing online or offline matches, and earn points based on your performance. 

The higher your rank, the more points you need to rank up, and the more points you lose when you rank down. 

There are 30 ranks in Tekken 8, divided into different tiers by color and name. 

Each rank has its own dan, which is a number from 1 to 30 that indicates its position in the ranking system.

Tekken 8 Ranking System Explained

Here is a summary of the ranking system in Tekken 8:

Brown Tier: 

The lowest tier, consisting of only one rank Beginner. 

This is where you start as a new player, with zero points.

Silver Tier: 

The second lowest tier, consisting of two ranks: 1st dan and 2nd dan. 

You need 400 points to reach 1st dan, and 1,000 points to reach 2nd dan.

Teal Tier: 

The third lowest tier, consisting of three ranks: 

Fighter, Strategist, and Combatant. 

You need 1,600 points to reach Fighter, 2,600 points to reach Strategist, and 3,400 points to reach Combatant.

Green Tier: 

The fourth lowest tier, consisting of three ranks: 

Brawler, Ranger, and Cavalry. 

You need 4,200 points to reach Brawler, 5,400 points to reach Ranger, and 6,400 points to reach Cavalry.

Yellow Tier: 

The fifth-lowest tier, consisting of three ranks: 

Warrior, Assailant, and Dominator. 

You need 7,400 points to reach Warrior, 9,200 points to reach Assailant, and 10,800 points to reach Dominator.

Orange Tier: 

The sixth-lowest tier, consisting of three ranks: 

Vanquisher, Destroyer, and Eliminator. 

You need 12,400 points to reach Vanquisher, 14,700 points to reach Destroyer, and 16,600 points to reach Eliminator.

Red Tier: 

The seventh-lowest tier, consisting of three ranks: 

Garyu, Shinryu, and Tenryu. 

You need 18,500 points to reach Garyu, 23,100 points to reach Shinryu, and 27,300 points to reach Tenryu.

Purple Tier: 

The eighth lowest tier, also known as the Ruler tier, consisting of three ranks: 

Mighty Ruler, Flame Ruler, and Battle Ruler. 

You need 31,500 points to reach Mighty Ruler, 36,500 points to reach Flame Ruler, and 41,100 points to reach Battle Ruler.

Blue Tier: 

The ninth-lowest tier, consisting of four ranks: Fujin, Raijin, Kishin, and Bushin. 

You need 45,700 points to reach Fujin, 52,300 points to reach Raijin, 58,500 points to reach Kishin, and 64,700 points to reach Bushin.

Gold Tier: 

The highest tier, consisting of two ranks: 

Tekken King and Tekken Emperor. 

You need 70,900 points to reach Tekken King, and 79,100 points to reach Tekken Emperor.

The ranking system in Tekken 8 is designed to challenge you and reward you for your skills. 

You can see your rank and points on the main menu, and compare them with other players on the leaderboards. 

You can also see your opponent’s rank and points before and after each match, and how many points you gained or lost. 

The ranking system in Tekken 8 is a great way to test your abilities and enjoy the thrill of fighting.

How To Rank Up in Tekken 8?

To Rank up in Tekken 8, You need to play “Ranked” matches in the game.

By winning those matches you will be rewarded points depending on the skills difference between you and your opponent.

The higher the level of your opponent, the more points you will get.

That’s everything you need to know about the Ranking System in Tekken 8.

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