How to Fix Tavern AI No Connection (2024)

Tavern AI is a user-friendly platform that allows users to engage with artificial intelligence (AI)-generated text.

With the help of Tavern AI, users can easily create, deploy and chat with imaginary characters. One can use it with API like KoboldAI, Pygmalion, ChatGPT, and more. But many users are facing Tavern AI No Connection issues while using it. 

Tavern API

Tavern AI also known as Tavern Artificial Intelligence faces no connection issues due to many factors.

The most common being a slow internet connection, an exposed API key, or an installation problem.

But do not worry as you can easily fix the Tavern AI No Connection issues by creating a new API or changing the API or using a VPN.  

What Is Tavern AI?

Tavern AI– is an adventure atmospheric chat where we can chat with different characters conversationally. Tavern Artificial Intelligence or Tavern AI combines artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create interactive experiences within virtual tavern settings. 

Tavern AI, Tavern Artificial Intelligence,

Furthermore, we can create a character, define its personality, and engage in lifelike conversations with AI-generated characters.

After you set up your character in Tavern AI, one can choose a name and an avatar for your character and chat with them.

The platform also lists the characters created by other users, so if you find the one which suits your style, you can start talking to it instantly. 

What Causes Tavern AI No Connection Issue?

Tavern AI No Connection Issue may be due to slow internet, old and leaked API key or installation problem.

1. Slow Internet Connection

If you use a slow Bandwidth internet connection you may face Tavern AI showing No connection issue.

One needs speedy and stable internet access to use Tavern AI.

2. Exposed API Key

If you share your API key with others the platforms that provide the API key change your API key for security reasons.

 3. Installation Problem

If you install Tavern AI using  GitHub code in GitHub, you might face Tavern AI No Connection Issue.

4. Location Or The IP address

Tavern AI is an uncensored version so one can face the Tavern AI showing No connection issue due to the uncensored version’s restrictions.

How to Fix The Tavern AI No Connection Issue

Here are some effective ways to resolve the issue:

1. Change The API

To change a Tavern AI API, you need to follow the steps written below:

  • Launch Tavern AI
  • Select APIs from — OpenAI, Kobold AI, or NovelAI.
  • If either of the APIs is not supporting your device, change it.
  • Changing the API platform may fix the issue.

2. Create A New API Key

Create a new API key if changing the platform doesn’t solve the issue. To do so, follow the steps written below:

  • Go to Open API keys 
Tavern AI No Connection Issues
  • Click Create a new secret key (For OpenAI API).
Tavern AI No Connection Issues
  • Now, copy the generated key.
Tavern AI No Connection Issues
  • Once copied, paste it into the API Key section.
  • That’s it.

3. Use A Reliable VPN

Tavern AI is an uncensored version so it is possible that it is unavailable in your location. Using a VPN can solve the issue.  

  • Download and Install a VPN on your device
Proton VPN
  • Create an account
  • Connect to any available server.
  • Restart the Tavern AI and see.

4. Check the Internet Connection

A slow internet connection can also cause the Tavern AI no connection issue.

Check your internet speed on or Speed test by Ookla.


Restart your router and modem.

Change your Wi-Fi frequency.

Install ISP that provides higher bandwidth.

5. Install Tavern AI Correctly

If Tavern AI is not installed properly, you can face the Tavern AI No Connection issue

If some issues are present during the installation, one can see them in the command line 

If you have used an old key then too you will face the Tavern AI showing no connection issue  

Hope some of the above solutions are helpful in solving the Tavern AI issues.

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