How To Get All Swords In Sea Piece 2 (2024)

Do want you to get the sword in Roblox Sea Piece 2? If your answer is YES then look no further as we have got you covered.

In this guide, we will teach you the easiest way to get all swords and sword styles in Sea Piece 2.

To know how and where to find Swords in Sea Piece 2, you will have to keep reading this guide.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining All Swords & Sword Styles In Sea Piece 2

Before I show you the exact locations of every sword available in Sea Piece 2, let me tell you that there are a total of four swords in the game.

To know the name of all swords and where to get them, you have to keep on reading.

Common Katana

To obtain Common Katana in Sea Piece 2, you need to head to Starter Island. There, you need to find and talk to an NPC named Katana Dealer.

Sea Piece 2 Sword

When you talk to him, he will ask you to pay 250 Beli, if you want to buy Katana.

If you have enough Beli in your account, click on the Buy button.

Uncommon Kiribachi

To obtain Uncommon Kiribachi, you have to go to Arlon’s Place.

To get there, you need to head Northeast from Starter Island.

When you get there, you will have to wait until Arlon spawns.

Sea Piece 2 Sword

When Arlon Spawns, you have to defeat him. When you defeat him, it has a 10% chance of dropping the Kiribachi Sword in Sea Piece 2.

To kill Arlon, make sure your level is 150 or above.

Legendary Shusui

To obtain the Legendary Shusui sword in Sea Piece 2, you are required to kill a boss named, Ryuma.

To defeat Ryuma boss in this Roblox game, your level must be 350.

Sea Piece 2 Sword

When you defeat him, it has 1% chance of dropping the legendary Shusui sword in Sea Piece 2.

The best thing about Ryuma is you will get notified when he spawns.

Dark Blade

The 4th and last Sword you can obtain in Sea Piece is Dark Blade.

Unlike the above-mentioned swords, you can only get Dark Blade by purchasing a Gamepass for 399 Robux.

Sea Piece 2 Sword

That’s all you need to know about how to get all swords in Sea Piece 2.

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