SkibiVerse: How to Get Speaker Helicopter (2023)

SkibiVerse has a plethora of morphs to unlock and use. One of them is the Speaker Helicopter.

There are plenty of SkibiVerse players who wish to obtain a Speaker Helicopter but they don’t know the process.

While you are here, you might be one of those players. If that’s the case then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining a Speaker Helicopter In SkibiVerse

To get the Speaker Helicopter in SkibiVerse, you need to obtain Speaker Titan first.

If you don’t know how to get Speaker Titan in SkibiVerse then click on the link.

Once you have obtained Speaker Titan, equip it.

Speaker Helicopter in SkibiVerse

Once equipped, you need to go close to the two Historical buildings as shown in the above image. After that, you need to fly over to one of them and then spam W to go upward.

Notably, you might have to spend some time to go on top of the building. When you reach the top of the building, you will see two Speakers over there.

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Speaker Helicopter in SkibiVerse

Now, you need to choose the Camera Man Morph to turn yourself into a small form. Once done, collect the Speaker.

To collect the Speaker, you need to close the Speaker and then press E. When you do so, you will get the Speaker Heli.

Speaker Helicopter in SkibiVerse

Once you have obtained the Speaker Heli in SkibiVerse, change your morph to Speaker Titan again. Once switched, you need to head to the location shown in the following video.

Speaker Helicopter in SkibiVerse

When you get there, you will find the Helicopter lying on the ground. All you need to do is get there turn yourself into the small form and then press E to collect it.

When you do so, you will have the Speaker Helicopter unlocked. Once you have got it, you can equip the Speaker Helicopter anytime.

That’s all you need to know about how to obtain the Speaker Helicopter in SkibiVerse.

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