Shindo Life Mentor Tier List (2023) – Updated

Shindo Life is arguably one of the most popular Roblox games of all time. The devs of this Roblox game often launch new updates adding new features and mechanics to the game. Ever since Shindo Life was launched, Rell Games has launched numerous features but what people still love the most is Mentors.

For the unversed, Mentors in Shindo Life are nothing but NPCs where you can get trained and obtain Stat Points. Notably, there are a total of four Mentors in Shindo Life, each has a different set of skills and abilities.

Since each Mentor has different skills and abilities, a lot of players often search for the best Mentors in Shindo Life. To make your work easier, we have ranked all Mentors based on their Stats, Abilities and skills.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Mentors In Shindo Life 

Before I rank all Shindo Life Mentors, let me tell you that you must be at rank S1 or above to select a Mentor. Make sure to choose your Mentor wisely because you can’t change or replace it without purchasing the Reset Mentor Misc Purchase under the Cheats category.

Notably, if you ever select the Mentor again, you will have an option to keep their earned Stat Points from the previous Mentor. The best thing about Mentors is they train players every 12-hours.

Here are all steps that you will need to follow for a training session:

  • Pushups — You are required to complete 30 pushups, which can easily be done by clicking on the left mouse button.
  • Tree Jumping — You need to complete 20 tree jumps, which you can do by holding the jump button after climbing a tree.
  • Accuracy Training — You have to hit 20 targets randomly by clicking on them.
  • Deflecting Training — You are required to deflect 20 Dagais, which are thrown at them when targeted.
  • Boss Battle — You have to beat Mentor in a 1v1 match. Notably, the level of bosses is 2000.

Once you have completed these steps, you will get 50 Stat Points and select a Mentor in Shindo Life. Before you select a random Mentor in Shinobi Life 2, check out our tier list.

Shindo Life Mentors Tier List

Our Mentors tier list has ranked all Mentors available in Roblox Shindo life. Before you jump to the tier list, let me tell you that this tier list is entirely based on experience and knowledge.

We have ranked all Shindo Life Mentors into four tiers with S being the best to C being the average Mentor.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

S Tier — Jiso Seishin

There are a total of four Mentors in Shindo Life but no one is better than Jiso Seishin. If you are having a hard time finding him then head to Tempest village in Shindo Life. The reason why we put Jiso Seishin in the S tier is that he gives an incredible amount of HP and Nin.

For the unversed, Jiso gives up to 7500 HP. If you have already completed the above-mentioned steps and are looking for the best Mentor, selecting Jiso Seishin is highly recommended.

MAX stat increases:

  • 6,000 CHI
  • 6,500 NIN
  • 6,000 TAI
  • 7,500 HP (450,000 Health)

A Tier — Ryūji Kenichi

Ryuji Kenichi is the second best Mentor that I advise you to select in Shindo Life. When it comes to the number of HP this Mentor provides, it is 7000, which is slightly lower than Jiso Seishin.

This Mentor’s massive skills are Strong Block and Wider Dash, which play a pivotal role while fighting with other bosses and enemies. Apart from HP, Ryuji Kenichi is known for TAI. If you have not found him yet, head to the Training Fields.

MAX stat increases:

  • 6,000 CHI
  • 6,000 NIN
  • 7,000 TAI
  • 7,000 HP (420,000 Health)

B Tier — Shindai Valley

Shindai Akuma is yet another Mentor who offers training in Shindo Life. When it comes to the number of HP, TAI, NIN and Chi this boss provides, it is way lower than the above-mentioned Mentors.

To find Shindai Akuma, you will have to go behind the Shindai Statue at Shindai Valley.

MAX stat increases:

  • 6,500 CHI
  • 6,500 NIN
  • 6,500 TAI

C Tier — Narumaki 

Narumaki is an average Mentor, who can be found at Narumaki Village. Once you get to the village, head back to the Great Narumaki Bridge. He might not give enough HP but he gives a decent amount of CHI and NIN.

Narumaki’s abilities are Quick Charge and Chi Dash, which is definitely not a good combination. I advise you to select this Mentor only if you are looking for a balanced character in Shindo Life.

That’s everything you need to know about Shindo Life’s Mentor tier list.

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