How to Sell Non-Tradeable Players in FC Mobile (2024)

The FIFA Mobile/ FC Mobile app is quite popular among football fans. If you are a regular FIFA Mobile player then you must be aware of Non-Tradeable players.

For the unversed, these players cannot be marketed but gamers often wonder how to sell non-tradeable players in FIFA Mobile.

If you wish to know a way to sell the non-tradeable players in FIFA Mobile then don’t look further as we have a guide explaining the same in detail.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Sell Non-Tradeable Players in FC Mobile

Untradeable Players In FC Mobile Game

Non-tradeable players are special players delivered by the game on certain occasions. These players cannot be sold in the market. If they cannot be sold then you must know other ways to use them for your benefit.

Best Ways To Use Non-Tradeable Players in FIFA Mobile

We cannot sell the Non-Tradeable Players in FC Movile but we can use them in the team. Though we cannot use them all the best option is to use only players that can easily form a connection with the rest of your team. Train him to make the best player.

Non-tradeable players can also exchanged in the SBC events. Whenever you are exchanging players try to use Non-Tradeable players as much as possible instead of using normal players. Though you will not be able to finish the SBC events with only untradeable players, you will have to buy a few players. But the ones you can trade will be useful.

SBC Upgrades is another way to spend untradeable players. You can upgrade them via the SBC Gold upgrade. Exchange 11 gold players to receive 2 Gold rare players. They will be untradeable. Through this technique, you can exchange some players that are of no use to you for some you can use. You can also upgrade your silver players into gold ones.

Gold and Silver Players IN SBC Upgrade

If you have some highly rated untradeable players these ones will surely have special SBCs in the following update. Wait for TOTW 84+ SBC. It will have 84 rated teams with special packs containing tradable players.

There will also be special SBCs for the Champions League. You can easily get tradable CL cards by exchanging untradeable players, So save them for the next SBC.

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