Where Is The Safety Statue In Total Roblox Drama Camp (2024)

Are you looking for the Safety Statue locations in Total Roblox Drama? If your answer is YES then look no further as we have got you covered.

Total Roblox Drama is an amazing Roblox game that has a host named Kyle. When you start playing the game, Kyle will give you different challenges that must be completed to survive or win the match.

To get those challenges completed, you need to make friends, utilise your skills and create alliances. If you are sure that you can be a winner then you will have a lot of tasks to provide your hidden potential.

As mentioned above, Total Roblox Drama has a plethora of tasks to complete. One of those tasks requires you to find the Safety Statue.

If you fail to find the Safety Statue in Total Roblox Drama, you will end up losing the challenge. Since the location of the Safety Statue changes with the map or time, a lot of players are having trouble finding them in the game.

With that in mind, we have created a guide showing every location where you find Safety Status in Total Roblox Drama.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Total Roblox Drama Safety Statue Locations

Before you embark on a journey to find Safety Status, make sure you have obtained a Tiny Khaki Bag. It is a mandatory bag to carry the Safety Statue.

The best thing about the bag is it can be found on all three maps — Camp, Expedition and Movies.

Since the Movies is a brand new map, chances are high that you will find the bag sooner in Movies as compared to Camp and Expedition.

Once you have found a bag, you need to find the Safety Statue, which can also be found on all maps.

Here are locations where you can find Safety Statue in Total Roblox Drama:


  • On the Dock of Shame. There, you need to find behind the pillars.
  • Find near the tables or chairs kept in the kitchen.
  • Inside the cabin
  • Under huge trees located near the cabins.
  • On the barrel located next to Kyle.
  • One of the corners of the boat.
  • In the Campfire located in the Exile Island.
  • On the right side of the sink located in the bathroom.
  • On both sides of wooden pillars.
  • On the Grey base of the kitchen.
  • In front of the pipe which is kept near the bathroom.
  • In the back side of the bathroom.
  • On the bottom of the fireplace kept in the Kitchen.
  • Outside of the pillar of the bathroom.
  • On the Dock of Challenges.


  • In the economy class area for losers, the statue or bag is hidden inside the wall.
  • Located behind the red locker in the Cargo hold.
  • Inside or beside the Lavatory door.
  • In the first class, you will find the Safety Statue in the corner of the sink.
  • In the first class, you will find the statue between the golden plane seats. Make sure to look it closely because there are multiple rows of seats.
  • The Safety Statue can be found between the first class and economy. The statue may spawn in a corner next to one of the doors.
  • You can find a safety statue on the side of the rock head, which is located in the Cargo hold.
  • Bags or Statues can be found on top of the seats in the first class.
  • The statue can be found in the gap between Kyle’s statue and the stage.


  • The safety statue is located behind the taller building cutout.
  • You can find one near the poles of the dock.
  • You may find a Safety Statue or bag under trees.
  • On one of the wooden lunch tables.
  • On the side of the trailers supports.
  • The bag could be found near any RV/Trailer.
  • You can find one behind the dining area.
  • In the corners of the dining area.
  • Behind the dock poles.
  • In one of the bunk beds in a Trailer.
  • You can find it during the ‘Rock N Roll’ Minigame.
  • In the seating area of the Team’s RVs.
  • On the left side of the mountain during the Stunt Movie Challenge.

These are locations where you can find Safety Statues or bags in Total Roblox Drama on every map.

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