How to Rebirth In Anime Fruit Simulator (2024)

If you are an Anime Fruit Simulator player and want to rebirth but don’t know how it is done then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Anime Fruit Simulator is a newly released game based on anime characters developed by Obtain.

In this game, you have to get pets and fruits by hatching an egg. Once you have got fruits and pets, go and fight with enemies and bosses to earn coins.

After getting coins, you can unlock new areas and get amazing rewards by fighting with bosses. In short, Anime Fruit Simulator is all about hatching pets, getting fruits, fighting with enemies, and becoming the richest player on the server.

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Once you are done doing these things in Anime Fruit Simulator, the only thing that is left is rebirth.

A lot of players want to rebirth in Anime Fruit Simulator but they don’t know and if you are one of them then keep reading this guide.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How To Do Rebirth In Anime Fruit Simulator?

To rebirth in Anime Fruit Simulator first, you need powerful pets and level 3 mythical fruit. Once you get that, follow the steps given below.

To rebirth in Anime Fruit Simulator, you need to unlock all 9 areas in the game.

  1. Marine Town — To unlock Marine Town, you need to have 5000 coins and defeat the Bob boss.
  2. Desert — To unlock the Desert area, you need to have 50000 coins.
  3. Jungle — To unlock the Jungle area, you need to have 225000 coins in this area Brian Boss spawns.
  4. World 2 Starter — After going to the jungle, go near the ship and travel into world 2.
  5. Snow Man — To unlock the snowman area, you need to have 15000000 coins.
  6. Sky Shrine — To unlock Sky Shrine, you need to have 50000000 coins.
  7. Hazard Island — Hazard Island is next to the Sky Shrine. To unlock it, you need to have 100000000 coins.
  8. Coral Island – Coral Island is the second last area in Anime Fruit Simulator. To get it unlocked, you need to have 250000000 coins.
  9. End Of The World – End Of The World is the last area in the game. To unlock this area, you need to have 500000000 coins. Once unlocked, you will see a huge portal in front of you just go near it and press the “E” button to do rebirth.

That’s all you need to know to rebirth in Anime Fruit Simulator.

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