Roblox Reaper 2 Codes (2024)

If you are looking for the latest and working Reaper 2 codes then you have come to the right place because our list of Reaper 2 codes is updated.

Reaper 2 is an adventure fighting game based on the famous Bleach anime series and developed by Iconic Anime Production.

In this game, you have to do things like other Roblox anime games such as choosing a path as a hollow or humans and fighting with enemies to protect the world.

If you have just started playing Reaper 2 then our list of Reaper 2 codes will help you a lot to get freebies like Exp, Race Reroll, Coins, and Character reset. Once you get these things, your level in the game will boost.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Reaper 2 Codes 2024

Active Reaper Codes

To make your work easier, we have compiled a complete list of Roblox Reaper 2 codes that can be redeemed right now.

Notably, all codes mentioned below were 100% working when writing this post.

  • APOLOGY!! – Spins and Cash (NEW!)
  • MINAZUKI – Free rewards
  • REAPER3 – Free rewards
  • MONIEPLS – 5k cash
  • xaxis? – 1 legendary spin
  • DxLikesWomen – 5 spin code
  • JOEBEARD – Free Cash
  • PARTYSTUNFIX – 1 pet spin
  • CAPTURETHEFLAG – 15k cash
  • UNRANKED – 25k cash
  • BUYSPINS! – 1,500k cash
  • LEGENDARYSPINPLS – 1 Legendary Spin
  • Spin2win – 5 Spins
  • NEWSPINNER? – 5 Secondary spins
  • FIRSTPETCODE – 1 Pet Spin
  • PIMPINGCASH – Free Cash
  • SHINSOPLS – Secondary reroll
  • YAKRUSISAWESOME – Secondary reroll
  • RESETPOINTS3 – Skill points reset
  • FREECASH?? — Free Cash
  • NEWRACEPLS2 — Race Reroll
  • NEWSKILLTREE — Skill Points Reset
  • freeSECONDARYREROLL — Secondary Reroll
  • freeSECONDARYREROLL2 — Secondary Reroll
  • freeRACEREROLL2 — Race Reroll
  • INFLOAD — 20,000 Cash
  • ZANKAREWORK — 10,000 Cash
  • SORRYFORTHEWAIT2! — Skill point reset
  • MOREBUGSFIXED — 10,000 Cash
  • HYORINMARURELEASE — Secondary Reroll
  • NEWIDLES! — 2x Cash Time
  • CHRISTMASRACEREROLL? — Redeem this code and get Race Reroll (NEW!)
  • CHRISTMASRACEREROLL2? — Redeem this Code and get Race Reroll

These are all working codes for now.

Expired Reaper 2 Codes

The following codes have expired:

  • bugfixes00 – 10k cash
  • DxWasHere – Race Reroll
  • PrideMonthYass – Secondary Reroll
  • HoguMoney3 – 10k Cash
  • HoguMoney1 – 15k Cash
  • HoguMoney2 – 10k Cash
  • AizenReset – Reset Points
  • IWILLHMPH – 10k cash
  • PREPAREFORPART2 – 10k cash
  • NozaCash – 15k Money
  • NozaCrazy – 10k Money
  • NozaReset – Reset Points
  • VizardReqFix – Redeem code for a Seco


Here we try to answer all questions generally asked by the Reaper 2 players.

How To Redeem Codes In Raper 2?

To redeem codes in Reaper 2, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • First, launch Reaper 2 on your Mobile and PC.
  • After opening the game, press the “M” button on your keyboard.
  • After that, the menu option will appear on the left side of the screen. Now, scroll down and click on the “Twitter” icon.
  • When you click on that icon, the code redemption window will appear on the screen.
  • Now, copy a working code from our list and paste it into the “Insert Code” option.
  • Then hit the “Submit” button to collect free rewards.
  • That’s it.

How To Get More Working Codes For Reaper 2?

To get more new working Reaper 2 codes, you need to follow the devs on their social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, and others.

Apart from following them on social media, you can get the latest working codes for Reaper 2 by visiting this page because we update this page when new codes are out.

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