Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List (May 2024) – UPDATED

Are you looking for the Ragnarok Origin Class tier list?

If your answer is YES then you are reading the best post. In this post, we have not only mentioned the list of all classes or jobs available in Ragnarok Origin but also ranked them into multiple tiers.

Before you skip reading this portion and jump to our tier list, let me tell you that our Ragnarok Origin tier list is based on our personal opinion so maybe you might not agree with our rankings.

Notably, we have all Ragnarok Origin classes or jobs into five tiers with S being the best to C being the worst.

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To know where a class or job sits in S or A tier, make sure to go through out tier list.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Ragnarok Origin Classes List (2024)

There are a total of 7 classes available in Ragnarok Origin and each class has its own abilities.

  • Acolyte
  • Rogue
  • Stalker
  • Merchant
  • Archer
  • High Priest
  • Thief
  • Mage
  • Swordsman

Ragnarok Origin Class or Job Tier List

S Tier Class

In the S tier, we have added all supreme classes having the best abilities in the game. These classes are highly recommended.

  • Swordsman — Swordsman is the best class you can use in all offensive and defensive positions.
  • Mage — Mage is also the best class in Ragnarok Origin and equal to Swardsman in abilities.
  • Rogue — Rogue is a newly added class most suitable for all positions. It has a blade and crossbow to attack enemies.

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A Tier Class

In the A-tier, we have enlisted all the best classes that have good abilities in the game. These classes are good as compared to B and C-tier classes.

  • Archer — Archer is a good class and you can use it in ranged combat and offensive position.
  • Stalker — Stalker has just been added to Ragnarok Origin. This class can be used in combat. It has a crossbow to fight enemies.
  • Merchant — A merchant is not good for combat but it has very good abilities for buying and selling. In this class, you can get many items in the best prizes.

B Tier Class

In this B-tier, we have mentioned all classes having low abilities compared to S and A tiers. You can use these classes when you do not have S and A tiers.

  • Thief — The thief does not have much power and is also not suitable for any combat but if you do not have any S and A tier classes then keep it until you get S or A tier classes.

C Tier Class

In this C-tier, we have put classes having the worst abilities and not worth equipping for both offensive and defensive combat.

  • Acolyte — Acolyte does not have any fighting skills. It only has a healing ability and you can use it to heal another character in combat.

This tier list is based on our own opinions and it is not 100% accurate. So use your own experience to choose the class in Ragnarok Origin.

That’s all about the Ragnarok Origin class tier list.

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