How To Fix PS Remote Play Something Went Wrong Error (2024)

PS Remote Play lets you stream and play your PS4 and PS5 games, switch between games and also to transmit video/audio output to another device. But many users are complaining about facing PS Remote Play Something Went Wrong Error.

SomethingWent Wrong Error

Are you facing a PS Remote Play Something Went Wrong Error? If you are facing the same issue then do not worry as you are not alone many others are facing the same error.

In this article, we have shared a series of troubleshooting steps to fix the PS Remote Play Something Went Wrong error and get you back to enjoying your game without any issues.

How to Fix PS Remote Play Something Went Wrong:

PS Remote Play

Follow the steps shared below to resolve the error and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Restart PS5/PS4 & Streaming Device

In addition to a full reboot, try restarting your PS5 or PS4 system and also the device you’re using for streaming. Restarting clear all the background processes and cached data and resolving any conflicts that led to the error.

Reboot Your Router and Modem

You can also Power cycle your router and/or modem to clear these issues. Turn them off and back on again.
Power cycling these devices refreshes the connection and eliminates any network-related issues that could be causing the error.

Keep the Controller Connected


When using PS Remote Play, keep the controller connected to the device that you’re streaming to. If you reconnect the controller to the PS5 or PS4 system during streaming it may cause the “Something Went Wrong” error.

If the controller is connected to the streaming device, you ensure a stable connection that leads to a smooth gaming experience.

Stream On A Different Device

Sometimes the error could be due to your device do try to switch to a different device and see if the issue is resolved. If you are facing an error on your iPhone, try to switch to an Android device. This will help you in solving the error.

Reinstall the PS Remote Play App

Reinstall Remote Play

Another solution is to reinstall the PS Remote Play app. A fresh install can help solve the issues you’re experiencing.

Uninstall the app from your device go to the official app store, and download it again. Sign in to your PlayStation Network account and use PS Remote Play.

If none of the above steps fix the error then you need to contact PlayStation Support. They will soon help you in troubleshooting the error.

Hope you found this guide helpful in resolving the PS Remote Play Something Went Wrong Error.

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