How To Fix PS Plus Games Not Showing Error (2024)

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service. As a member, you can play select content, join your Friends in multiplayer games, and enjoy special features. You can also save games to online storage. But players are complaining about PS Plus games not showing errors.

Sony PlayStation allows gamers to play online multiplayer games, save games and more. But to access these features you need to subscribe to a PS Plus subscription. Once the subscription is activated you can enjoy free games for the month and also download and play at no extra cost during your PlayStation Plus membership. New games are added each month for you.

In this article, we have shared solutions to resolve the error and get back to enjoying your gaming experience to the fullest!

Reasons For PS Plus Games Not Showing Error

PS Plus

When it comes to PS Plus not working or PS Plus Games not showing error it could be due to an expired subscription, unstable internet connection, or server down due to high traffic.

PS Plus Games Not Showing Up Fixes

You can fix your PS Plus games not showing errors by addressing the issues head-on!

PlayStation Server Status

Server Status

Sometimes, PS servers tend to get overloaded due to high traffic which can cause PS Plus games not showing error. So do check the current status of the PlayStation Server.

You may check the status of the PS Network on their official PlayStation website or through reports.

If the PlayStation’s servers are facing downtimes, you can wait for its developers to fix the problem. They will soon have the PlayStation servers go back up.

Renew Your PS Plus Subscription

PS Plus Subscription

If your PS Plus subscription has expired, it may cause PS Plus games to show up the issue. It would help if you renewed your PS Plus subscription as soon as possible.

Go to the PS Plus subscription website, select your subscription plan, and follow the instructions. You can keep your current plan, or upgrade it to a higher plan to get your PS Plus working again.

Check Your Internet Connection


Streaming games on your PlayStation console will require a stable and strong Internet connection.

Carry out an online speed test to ensure you have a strong network connection for your PS Plus subscription to work without any issues.

Turn off your router and turn it back on to solve the issue. Or use an ethernet for a strong and stable network connection.
Hopefully, the above solution will help you solve the issue and enjoy your games once again.

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