Project Menacing Tier List (July 2024) – New Update

Our Project Menacing Demand and Items tier list is up to date. This tier list will help you a lot if you have just started playing this game. 

Once you go through the Project Mancing tier list, you will be able to choose the best and the most powerful stand. 

Project Menacing is a very popular Roblox action game based on an anime series JoJo Bizzare Adventure. In this game, there are numerous stands with different moves and powers. 

There are tons of players who don’t know which stand is the best in Project Menacing, we have created a tier list ranking all demands and items into different tiers. 

Before you jump to our tier list, let me tell you that our tier list is based on our personal opinion so chances are high that you might disagree with our ranking. 

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Without any further ado, let’s get started: 

Project Menacing Demand Tier List

In this tier list, we will rank all Demand from best to worse in S to D tiers.

S Tier Demand

  • The World OVA: Over Heaven
  • C-Moon: Heritage

A Tier Demand

  • Made in Heaven: Deimos
  • Star Platinum: The Universe

B Tier Demand

  • Star Platinum: Stone Ocean
  • Star Platinum: Heritage
  • Star Platinum: Prime
  • Star Platinum: The World

C Tier Demand

  • C-Moon: Blood Moon
  • Made in Heaven
  • The World: Over Heaven
  • Star Platinum: Over Heaven
  • Whitesnake: Deimos
  • The World: OVA
  • Star Platinum: OVA

D Tier Demand

  • The World: Part 3
  • Whitesnake
  • Standless
  • C-Moon
  • The World: Heritage

Project Menacing Item Tier List

In Project Menacing, there are many items and each item has its own value some have high and some have low value. Making your work easier, we have ranked all items available in Project Menacing based on their value.

S Tier Items

  • Corpse Part
  • DIO’s Diary

B Tier Items

  • DIO’s Bone

C Tier Items

  • Rokakaka Fruit

D Tier Items

  • Stand Arrow

How To Get Stand In Project Menacing?

In every JoJo game, a stand is a very important thing because the stands give you the power to fight with your opponents. Project Menacing is also a JoJo game then you must have a powerful stand if you want to win every match. 

If you do not know how to get a Stand in Project Menacing then follow the steps given below.

  • First, find an Arrow around the map which can be obtained on a private server easily. You can also get it on a public server but it is a bit hard. 
  • Once you get an arrow then hold it and right-click.
  • After that, you can get the stand. 
  • To summon a stand, press the “Q” button on your keyboard.
  • You can also store the stand by talking with “Pucci”.  
  • He can store your 2 stands if you want to store more than 2 stands then you need to buy a game pass.

That’s all you need to know about Project Menacing tier list. 

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