Top 13 Best Pokemon Rom Hacks (March 2024)

Are you looking for the best Pokemon ROM Hacks?

If your answer is YES then look no further as we have compiled a list of the best Pokemon ROM Hacks that can be enjoyed right now.

Before I share with you a complete list, let me tell you that these hacks are created by a bunch of talented Pokemon Community members.

To play Pokemon Rom Hacks, all you need is a Pokemon emulator and a Game console.

If you don’t know which Pokemon Emulators are the best then don’t worry, we have created a guide mentioning the best Pokemon Emulators to play ROM Hacks in 2023.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Pokemon ROM Hacks List (2024)

Here are some of the best Pokemon Rom Hacks to enjoy right now:

1. Pokemon Team Rocket Edition

What makes Pokemon Team Rocket Edition massively popular among Pokemon fans is it lets you play as a member of Team Rocket.

For the uninformed, Pokemon Team Rocket Edition is a remake version of Pokemon Fire Red, which was a remake of Red.

If you wish to learn more about Team Rocket then there is no better way than playing Pokemon Team Rocket Edition. Once you have successfully downloaded it on your device, you will be able to cheat, steal and engage with numerous members of the lethal Gang.

To download Pokemon Team Rocket Edition, click on the below Download button.

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2. Pokemon Gaia

Similar to Pokemon Team Rocket Edition, Pokemon Gaia is based on Pokemon Fire Red. The only difference here comes with a major twist that you will surely love.

The story of Pokemon Gaia revolves around a Professor named Redwood requesting local Pokemon trainers to find out the reason why the seismic activity has been increasing in the region.

Apart from its storyline, why the Pokemon community loves this hack the most is it has Pokemons of all generations. The name of the Pokemon this game introduced is as follows — Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Kanto, and others.

Besides meeting with plenty of Pokemon, this Pokemon Rom Hack does have numerous walls to climb and underwater regions to discover.

To download Pokemon Gaia, click on the below Download Now button.

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3. Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky is one of the best Pokemon ROM hacks right now.

The story of this Pokemon Rom hack begins with a fight between the legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia.

Once their fight comes to an end, they leave behind an open portal between the Town World, which creates havoc for the citizens.

After downloading this Pokemon ROM Hack, your job is to close that open portal as quickly as possible.

Apart from closing that open Portal, you will have to prevent Team Magma and Aqua from catching the legendary Pokemon.

If you fail to stop them from capturing the legendary Pokemon, you would not stop them to take over the world.

The name of Legendary Rom hacks is as follows — Shaymin, Rayguaza, Mew Kyogre and others.

To download Pokemon Flora Sky, click on the following Download Now button.

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4. Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown is one of the oldest Pokemon ROM Hacks on the internet. For the unversed, it is based on the Classic Game, Gameboy.

It takes place in a region called, Rigon.

Apart from introducing a new region, it comes with dozens of new cities including Johto City.

The best thing about Pokemon Brown is it features seven Pokemons that are not present in Pokemon Red and Blue.

This might be the oldest Poki ROM Hack but no one can compete with it when it comes to new regions, storylines, music and Pokemon.

The only downside of it is it does not get updated as frequently as others.

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5. Pokemon Light Platinum

If you enjoyed playing Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and are currently looking for more same games then Pokemon Light Platinum is an amazing option.

The best thing about Pokemon Light Platinum is it allows you to teleport to a couple of new regions and dimensions and catch dozens of legendary Pokemons including Unova.

Apart from exploring new regions and dimensions, this game does have a final event called, the Pokemon World Championship.

To make this game more interesting the devs of this ROM hack added a bunch of new leaders from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova.

To download Pokemon Light Platinum, click on the below Download Now button.

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6. Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism is one of the most popular Pokemon ROM Hacks right now.

The story of this Pokemon game revolves around a young kid who gets teleported to a new region called ‘Naljo’ while playing in his uncle’s mine cart.

The newly added region ‘Naljo’ is full of corruption where you find a Larvitar, helping you to bring back Naljo to its good old ways.

For the unversed, Naljo is way bigger than Johto, which has more than 250 Pokemons belonging to four different regions.

During your journey in Pokemon Prism, you will come across numerous puzzles, new areas, legendary Pokemons and Gold coins.

Once you have accumulated enough Gold Coins in Pokemon Prism, you can use them to unlock some amazing stuff.

Since it does have plenty of stuff, make sure to spend Gold coins wisely.

To download Pokemon Prism, click on the following Download Now button.

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7. Pokemon Rejuvenation

Pokemon Rejuvenation is a Pokemon ROM Hack launched soon after the overwhelming success of Pokemon Reborn.

The devs might have launched Pokemon Rejuvenation as a sequel to Pokemon Reborn but it does have a very different storyline and gameplay.

The story of this game is all about rebuilding a local town after a natural disaster.

If you love destruction and chaos then Pokemon Rejuvenation is a game that you would truly enjoy.

To download Pokemon Rejuvenation, click on the following Download Now button.

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8. Pokemon Dark Rising

If you are an avid Pokemon lover then you must have had a dream of your favorite Pokemon. Don’t you?

Pokemon Dark Rising is a Pokemon Rom hack for people who love to dream of Pokemon.

In Pokemon Dark Rising, you have a dream wherein a Pokemon asks you to save the world. When you narrate your dream to your best friend, he would tell you that he had the same dream as well.

This might not be the best Pokemon ROM hack for you but it does have plenty of Pokemon to catch and regions to explore.

If you like to play classic Pokemon, Pokemon Dark Rising would be a great option for you.

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9. Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn is yet another Pokemon ROM hack that you should use in 2024.

We may have mentioned Pokemon Reborn at number 9 but it does not mean that it is not that good.

Apart from having amazing gameplay and storyline, this Rom hack does have incredible music that you would surely love.

Apart from making changes to its Settings and clothes, Pokemon Reborn has now become pretty difficult to win. If you really want to win games in Pokemon Reborn, you will have to scratch your heads.

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10. Pokémon Crystal Clear

Pokémon Crystal Clear is a GBC ROM Hack created by ShockSlayer.

Pokémon Crystal Clear has an open world where you can go anywhere you want and explore new areas.

You normally start your journey in a new bark town in Johto but here you get an option to play as Pallet Town in Kanto instead.

This Pokemon Rok Hack also allows you to select characters and customize the colour accordingly.

You can choose your starter from the existing six-starter Pokémon or go with something a bit more unconventional to challenge yourself with.

As of the current version, there are 28 Pokémon to choose from each of which comes with its own held item and even some egg moves.

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11. Pokémon Bronze

Pokémon Bronze is one of the most trusted Pokémon ROM Hacks right now. Pokémon Bronze is a new game made similar to Pokémon that brings new challenges and a harder adventure to tackle.

It is based on a story of your generic Pokémon affair. The story of this Pokemon game begins when you leave the home and get Pokémon from the professor.

After that, you can fight with the gym leader and defeat them. Next, you have to join a group to fight and explore the world.

12. Pokémon Blazed Glazed

Pokémon Blazed Glazed is yet another ROM Hack of Pokémon Emerald. This game was adopted from Pokémon Glazed.

In this game, you can play with your Pokémon which is given to you when your character reaches the age of maturity.

Like other hacks, at the start of this game, you will be given a Pokémon of your choice.

In this ROM hack, you will witness numerous improvements. Pokémon Blazed Glazed added new Pokémon from Generation IV through VI and also added new moves.

What makes it massively popular among gamers is it lets you choose five starters and you can change their spawn location based on your choice.

13. Pokémon Dark Cry

Pokémon Dark Cry is a pretty decent game with smooth Pokémon sprites from the fourth generation without animations to screw them up.

The player’s overall sprites are very reminiscent of the fourth-generation style. There are some very nice touches such as the rocky cave design buildings in the new Pewter City though would only affect the exterior.

The cancer region was modified and given new names to Towns and Cities though for some reason the route numbers were in the thousands for some reason you can buy Safari balls.

In this game, some fourth-generation Pokémon are added so that you can collect and battle opponents and follow the storyline.

These are some of the best Pokemon ROM Hacks that you can play right now.

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