Plusnet WiFi Not Working Problem Fix (2024)

Is Plusnet WiFi not working for you? This troubleshooting guide will give you a list of solutions that can help you fix the issues.

Plusnet WiFi is a network and telecommunications company located in the United Kingdom. While the service generally works well, recently users have been complaining about slow internet speed, connection errors, and other network-related issues. 

In this guide, we will take you through the best solutions to deal with such issues. Let us get started. 

How To Fix Plusnet WiFi Not Working?


Before you understand how to fix the Plusnet WiFi not working issue, it is important to understand the possible reasons behind it.

It is easier to find the solution to the problem once you know what is causing it. Based on the cause, you can assign a solution more easily. 

One of the most common causes behind this issue is a poor internet connection. Another reason you may be experiencing the problem is due to loose or faulty wiring which may be interfering with the optimal performance of your Wi-Fi device.

Microfilters are useful tools that separate your phone line from your network connection. If you are not using microfilters, it may disrupt your internet connection.  

Let us take a quick look at the solutions for Plusnet WiFi not working below.

Restart Your Router

This step may sound basic but it can be quite effective. Before you get into any complicated fixes, you can try out this simple one.

All you need to do is unplug the router for a few minutes and then plug the device in again. Now, you need to wait a few minutes before connecting to the internet again.

This method ensures that you get rid of any temporary bugs or glitches that may be causing an issue with the optimal performance of your internet connection. 

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

If the above fix does not work for you, contact your Internet Service Provider to report an unstable or weak Internet connection.

Check Your Wire Connections

Sometimes the issue may be as simple as a loose or faulty cable. You should check if your cables are plugged in the right sockets.

If you are using an Ethernet cable, check that it is correctly inserted into the LAN1 socket or Ethernet/WAN port. Often if your Ethernet cable is loose, it can cause a faulty internet connection.

Check That The Router Is Connected To Your Master Socket

Another thing that you need to ensure is that your router is securely connected to the master socket. A loose connection may mean that you need to replace the socket or the router depending on what is causing the issue.

Replace Your Microfilters

You may also need to connect your router using microfilters if you do not have a double master socket installed. 

Ensure That The Router Firmware Is Updated

A faulty internet connection can also be the result of using an outdated router that has not been updated in a long time. You should update the router firmware to get rid of any connection issues.

While firmware updates are usually automatic, you can check if there are any new updates available. 

Use A Mesh Wi-Fi Instead

You can also opt for a Mesh wireless system instead of a wired connection. This will prevent frequent interruptions to your connection. 

It is a much better way to get a steady and strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. 

Reconnect Your Router

If you have tried all the fixes mentioned above, you should try to reconnect your router. This is especially helpful for situations where there is no internet light. 

This is how you can fix the Plusnet internet not working issue. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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