Party Animals Banned Sodapoppin (2024) – Here’s Why

Party Animals is one of the most talked about multiplayer physics-based brawler party games. Developed by Recreate Games, the game was released on September 20, 2023.

Ever since Party Animals launched, the popularity of the game has been increasing with each passing day. In its popularity, Streamers or content creators are playing a major role.

A lot of Streamers have been playing Party Animals since its launch. One of them is Sodapoppin. He has not been only playing Party Animals but he topped the list of the most watched Party Animals streamers on Twitch with more than 200 420 watched hours.

There are plenty of reports making rounds on social media about Sodapoppin’s ban on Party Animals. As soon as the reports surfaced on social media, people started searching for it on the web wondering why is Sodapoppin banned from Party Animals.

If you too have any questions regarding Sodapoppin’s ban from Party Animals then don’t look further as we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Why Is Sodapoppin Banned From Playing Party Animals?

For the unversed, Sodapoppin is a massively popular Twitch Streamer with more than 8.7 million followers. Apart from having huge followers on Twitch, he has 1.11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Despite having a huge fan following on Twitch and YouTube, Party Animals banned Sodapoppin from playing the game. Notably, Sodapoppin’s Party Animals ban is temporary.

According to media reports, Sodapopin’s real in-game username ‘FatUglyIdiot’ was reported by a user on Discord. In order to resolve the issue humorously, Sodapoppin changed his username from FatUglyIdiot to UglyFatIdiot, which led to his 1-day ban from playing Party Animals.

It has been almost a day since Sodapoppin was banned from playing Party Animals but he is still at the top of the most-watched Party Animals streamers on Twitch.

As soon as we we get more information about sodapoppin’s ban, we will update this post.

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