Creatures of Sonaria: How to Get Mushroom Fast (2024)

Do you want to get a lot of mushrooms in Creatures of Sonaria? If your answer is YES then you are at the right place.

If you have been playing Creatures of Sonaria (CoS) for a while then you must know the importance of Mushrooms in the game.

For the unversed, when you play CoS for an hour, you will be given 140 Mushrooms as a reward, which is indeed not that much.

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Since spending an hour to get 140 Mushrooms in CoS is not worth the time, a lot of players are currently searching for the fastest ways to earn Mushrooms in the game.

If you are one of those players then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Fastest Way To Get Mushrooms In Creatures Of Sonaria

In this guide, we will explain multiple ways that can be used to get a lot of Mushrooms in CoS. To know what those methods are and how they work, you need to keep on reading.

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Method 1: Create Multiple Accounts

Whenever you create an account on Roblox and open Creatures of Sonaria, you will get 40 Mushrooms.

To earn 1000 Mushrooms in COS, you need to play this game for 6 hours.

What if I tell you a way that can get you 1000 Mushrooms in an hour? To do so, you need to create 30 new Roblox accounts and Trade the obtained Mushroom to your main account.

Once you have successfully created 30 new Roblox accounts and traded Mushroom to your main account, you will have more than 1000 Mushrooms in your Main account in an hour.

The best thing about creating an account on Roblox is you don’t need a phone number or email.

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Method 2: Complete Missions

The second method that can get you tons of Mushrooms instantly in Creatures of Sonaria is completing missions.

When you open up the Mission window in the game, you will be shown multiple missions. When you complete those missions, you will be given a certain number of Mushrooms as a reward.

The best thing about completing missions is if you are stuck on a particular mission, you will get a percentage of Mushroom.

For ex: If you are given three tasks to complete for 75 Mushrooms and you are unable to complete one mission, you will get 50 Mushrooms.

The remaining 25 Mushrooms will be given when you complete the mission.

Method 3: Spawn As New Creature

The third and last method that you can use to earn Mushrooms fast in Creatures of Sonaria is a bit lengthy.

Here are some steps that you will need to follow:

  • First, spawn as a new Creature (Make sure it is a Male)
  • Once spawned, fly around the map to get 80K Studs. Notably, when you complete one circle, you will have 20K Studs completed.
  • Once done, put all of your energy into food and water.
  • Now, head to an area that has a lot of Food. Once you get there, pace a food storage and fill your hunger and empty it into the Storage and repeat.
  • Now, break and replace the storage when it’s full.
  • Repeat the process until you have filled your hunger at least 6 times.
  • Now, head into the Water and kill Sturgeon, collect and drop them in a hidden area so they could rot.
  • After killing the Sturgeon, you need to repeat the same process until you have filled your water bar at least six times.
  • Once done, reset, sacrifice yourself to the Volcano and let someone kill you.
  • That’s it.

These are some easy ways that can be used to earn a lot of Mushrooms in Creatures of Sonaria.

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