How to Multi Inject in Multiple Instances With Krnl (2024)

If you have been playing Roblox for a long time then you must be aware of the term of Roblox Executors.

For those unaware, Roblox Executors are used to run scripts in your favourite Roblox game to enhance the overall gaming experience.

There are hundreds of executors available on the internet but when it comes to selecting the best one, a lot of people choose KRNL over others.

There are plenty of people who execute Roblox scripts using Krnl Executor and they try to multi-inject in multiple instances at the same time.

If you are the one who is looking for a way to multi-inject the scripts in multiple instances then you are in the right place.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How To Multi-Inject in Multiple Instances With Krnl

If you want to multi-inject in multiple instances with Krnl Executors then you can do this easily by following the steps given below.

To start the multi-injection you have to get Krnl Beta first. To get that first go to the

  • Once you get there, click on the Download button.
  • When you do so, you will have two options — Latest Version and Legacy Version.
  • Make sure you choose the Latest Version of Krnl and click on Download Krnl Button.
  • After completion of the Downloading process, click on the file and Run it.
  • Now you require a file to get that file you can weather join the Krnl Discord server or go to the
  • I will show you the process to get the file through the Krnl Discord server.
  • First, join the server and type k!tag betazip or ?tag betazip in the text box and hit Enter.
  • When you do so, it will give you a link. Now click on the link and press Continue to start downloading.
  • Navigate to the file and extract it.
  • Now open an extracted folder and search for the KrnlUI file and double-click on it one window will open.
  • The next step is Multi injection. Now open the Roblox and go to the tab under the Krnl window and press on the water drop icon.
  • Click on the Preferences and enable all of the options.
  • You have to always enable this when you open KrnlBeta because it will automatically disable the options.
  • After that copy pastes your favourite script into the KrnlBeta then go to the waterdrop go to file and press Save As and name it whatever you want to and click on Save.
  • Then go to the waterdrop, go to file and then click on Open Krnl Folder.
  • Click if there is an Autoexec folder. Then go where your alt control.lua file is and copies it.
  • Now go back to your Autoexec folder and paste it.
  • Then join any server (Public/Private). Krnl will show you a message of “Already Injected” just ignore it.
  • After that, select your alts by holding Ctrl+Left click and copy paste the server then click join server.
  • We recommend you use Alt control which you can get by clicking here.
  • That’s it.

We hope this article helps you to multi-inject in multiple instances with Krnl.

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