Is Metal Slug Awakening Multiplayer? – Answered

Metal Slug Awakening has finally been released for Android and iOS devices. Notably, the game was available for some countries or regions but now it has been released globally.

Like other Mobile games, people have plenty of questions regarding Metal Slug Awakening. One of them is ‘Is Metal Slug Awakening multiplayer?’.

Since Metal Slug Awakening is an action game and it will be more fun if played with a couple of friends or people living across the globe.

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Like PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends, and COD Mobile, a lot of players want to play Metal Slug Awakening with their friends.

To play any game with your friends, the game must support the Multiplayer feature. If a game does not have a multiplayer option, you would not be able to team up with your friends and play that game.

Since Metal Slug Awakening has just been released globally, a lot of players are wondering if it does have a multiplayer mode or not.

If you too have this question in your mind then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Does Metal Slug Awakening Have Multiplayer Mode?

The short answer is YES.

Metal Slug Awakening has a multiplayer option allowing you to team up and play the game with your friends.

According to reports, players can team up with two players in a three-player co-op mode in Metal Slug Awakening.

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Unfortunately, I could not find the option to play this game with my friends. I have just downloaded and started playing this game, hope I will get to know about this feature very soon.

As soon as I learn the process of playing Metal Slug Awakening with friends, I will update this post with the entire process.

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