How To Mass Delete Reddit Comments (2024)

Reddit is a very popular platform where you can find everything you want to know participate in conversations and share your opinion on different topics.

But sometimes while sharing your thoughts and discussing topics on Reddit you will do something you aren’t too proud of.

In that case, you can delete the comment or post you want but Reddit does not allow you to mass delete the comments.

If you want to delete multiple comments you have to do it one by one which is a time-consuming task and you need a lot of patience

In this guide, we come up with some methods that will help you wipe up all of your comments on Reddit at once.

If you are interested to learn these methods and mass deleting Reddit comments then read the article completely.

How to Mass Delete Reddit Comments

As I mentioned above Reddit does not allow you to mass delete your comments which is why we have tried some other methods and found two methods that will work perfectly fine and mass delete Reddit comments.

Here are the methods to Mass Delete Reddit Comments:

Using Nuke Reddit History

Nuke Reddit History is a Chrome extension that you can download on your web browser to delete all of your Reddit comments.

The process of using this extension is very simple but before you install the Nuke Reddit History extension you need to install a Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) extension.

Mass Delete Reddit Comments

Once you install the RES, go to Chrome Store and install the Nuke Reddit History extension.

Once you install both extensions go to Reddit and log in to your account.

Once done click on the Nuke Reddit History extension icon from the top and select the Overwrite & Delete All My Comment option.

This will search all of your comments and delete them one by one. Remember to delete the comments you need to keep this tab open.

This will take time depending on how many comments you have and processing power of your computer and the strength of your internet.

Once the mass deleting process is done lose the Chrome and restart your device and you will be good to go.

Use a Script

In this method, you can mass delete Reddit comments by using a Script. There are some websites like Greasy Fork has a wide range of scripts including for mass deleting Reddit comments.

Mass Delete Reddit Comments

All you have to do is install any script manager you want such as Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey and use it to install the mass Reddit comments deleting script on your web browser.

Once done, go to Reddit and log into your Reddit account and the script will automatically delete all of your comments.

That’s it, these are two methods that you can follow to mass delete Reddit comments.

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