How To Solve M-Shwari Not Working Issue (2024)

M-Shwari is a revolutionary banking product that is quite popular in Kenya. It was created in partnership with M-Pesa and NCBA. M-Shawari allows users to save, borrow and more and it works on your mobile device.

But what happens when you face an M-Shwari Not Working Issue? 

M-Shwari not working Issue

In this article we share with you all about M-Shwari, the reason it is not working and how to solve the issues for a smooth banking experience.  

Why Is M-Shwari Not Working? 

If you are a M-Shwari user and facing an issue with the app not working on your device. Do not worry it can be due to many reasons. It can be network issues, updates, server issues and more.

In this article, we’ll explain why M-Shwari may not be working. We shall also guide you through some simple steps to resolve the issue for a smoother banking experience.  

Reasons For M-Shwari Not Working Issue:

Internet Connectionction

If you’re having trouble with Mshwari then first and foremost check your internet connection. Because a slow and unstable network can cause the Mshwari not working issue.

Account Balance:

Check your M-Shwari account balance to ensure you have sufficient balance, if your account balance is low you may face an issue. 

Updated App

If your app has not been updated for a long time then one can face the Mshwari Not Working issue.

Server Issue

Sometimes the servers are under maintenance or down this too can cause a hindrance and you may face the Mshwari Not Working issue.

How to Solve M-Shwari Not Working Issue

M-Shwari app

Above we stated the reason you may be facing the  Mshwari Not Working issue. Here are steps to resolve the issues. 

Internet Connectionction

Check if you have a stable internet connection. A slow and unstable internet connection causes issues while using the M-Shwari App on your device. If you are using mobile data then see that the data is turned on. If the mobile data is on and you still facing an issue. One can even switch off the mobile data and on it to remove minor bugs. 

If one is using wifi then turn off the router and on it after a few seconds. You can even carry out a speed test available online to check your Wifi’s speed.

Or switch to mobile data if using wifi or switch to Wifi if you are using mobile data to solve the  M-Shwari Not Working issue.

Account Balance:

Check your M-Shwari account balance to see that you have enough funds. If your account balance is low, you may not be able to use certain features.  Due to a low balance, you will also not be able to perform transactions. The best way to solve this is to deposit sufficient cash in your account. This will resolve the issue within no time.

App or System Update

If you have not updated your App for a long time then do it as soon as possible. Sometimes, M-Shwari may require an update to work properly. Updating the app will fix any bugs or issues that may be causing M-Shwari to not work. 

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Tap the profile icon.
  • Tap Manage apps & device. 
  • Click on M-Shwari App
  • If there is an update available 
  • Tap Update.

Contact Customer Support

If you’ve gone through all the above steps but are still facing the M-Shwari Not Working issue, then contact M-Shwari customer support for assistance. They can help troubleshoot the issue and provide further guidance on how to resolve it.

All About M-Shwari App:

M-Shwari is a banking app where ‘Shwari’ means calm in Kiswahili and The M signifies mobile-centric as it can be used on your smartphone. M-Shwari was launched in November 2012 and has taken the Kenyan market by storm. One out of 5 Kenyans are active users of popular apps. 

It is formed through a partnership between the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) and Safaricom. M-Shwari accounts can only be accessed via M-PESA.

Therefore one needs to have an account on M-PESA. It is quite easy to open an account on M-Shwari as Kenya has a well-functioning national ID system. Therefore opening this bank account takes less than 30 seconds.

The M-Shwari Deposit Account Features:

  • No minimum balance 
  • No charges were levied on the account
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Access to credit facilities
  • No ledger fees
  • No charges for moving money from M-PESA to the M-Shwari account 

As per the Banking (Amendment) Act 2016, all deposits on M-Shwari earn an interest of 7.35% p.a 70% of CBR.

M-Shwari allows you to save and borrow money through your phone while earning interest on money saved. You can open and operate an M-Shwari bank account through your mobile phone via M-Pesa, without having to visit a bank. 

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