Jio Cinema Not Showing Live Matches Fix (2024)

The 2023 Asia Cup has finally started and it is livestreaming on Hotstar for free. For the unversed, it is the 16th edition of the Asia Cup, where One Day Internationals (ODIs) are played between all teams.

Ever since Asia Cup 2023 started, a lot of users across the world have been searching for ways to watch its livestreaming on the Jio Cinema application.

The reason why users are currently searching for ways to watch Asia Cup 2023 live matches on Jio Cinema is it allowed users to watch IPL 2023 for free.

Unlike Hotstar, Jio Cinema did not charge a single penny to show livestreaming of Asia Cup 2023.

There is a reason why Jio Cinema is not showing live matches of Asia Cup 2023. If you want to learn that reason then you need to keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Why Is Jio Cinema Not Showing Live Matches?

Looks like Jio Cinema lost the streaming rights for the Asia Cup 2023. If they had got the streaming rights for Asia Cup 2023, they would have shown it on the Jio Cinema application or PC for free.

Unfortunately, this time Hotstar has won the rights for streaming Asia Cup 2023. Unlike previous leagues or tournaments, Hotstar decided to offer free streaming of Asia Cup 2023 and ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup tournaments.

The reason why Hotstar had to make it for free is it lost around 5 Million users when Jio Cinema got the streaming rights for Indian Premiere League 2023.

JioCinema has reportedly clocked a record 1.47 billion digital views in the first weekend of the IPL 2023.

Can I Watch Asia Cup 2023 Live Matches on Jio Cinema?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

Since Jio Cinema does not have the right to stream Asia Cup 2023 live matches, you can’t watch it on the Jio Cinema application or its official website.

When you open Jio Cinema and click on the Watch button, you will only be shown the live scores of Asia Cup 2023 matches.

To watch live matches of Asia Cup 2023, you will have to download the Hotstar application because it is the only legit place where you can watch it for free.

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