iPhone’s Trade-In Value (2024) – UPDATED

One of the most awaited launches of the new phone series is when Apple unveils their latest batch of iPhones. Fans across the world are hooked to the live launch event streaming across major platforms. 

Recently Apple unveiled the iPhone 15, iPhone Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models at an event at its Cupertino, California headquarters in the USA.

While announcing the prices for the new devices, Apple CEO Tim Cook also mentioned the company’s trade-in program. He told customers that they can take hundreds of dollars off the cost of their new phone if they send in their old one. 

The best part about this trade-in is that it is not just iPhones but Apple will also accept Samsung and Google users who want to convert.

So let us find out the estimated trade-in value of your current iPhone or any other Device in case you want to get a new iPhone.  

You can check it on Apple’s official trade-in website. It provides a full list of trade-in values for its devices and more

However, the Apple trade-in values will not match what you’ll get from selling privately. But they are a big help if you wish to upgrade to a new one.   

iPhone Trading Values (2023)

iPhone ModelsTrade Value
iPhone 14 Pro MaxUp to $650
iPhone 14 ProUp to $570
iPhone 14 PlusUp to $470
iPhone SE (3rd generation)Up to $160
iPhone 13 Pro MaxUp to $580
iPhone 13 ProUp to $480
iPhone 13Up to $370
iPhone 13 miniUp to $320
iPhone 12 Pro MaxUp to $450
iPhone 13 miniUp to $320
iPhone 12 Pro MaxUp to $450
iPhone 12 ProUp to $360
iPhone 12Up to $250
iPhone 12 miniUp to $200
iPhone 11 Pro MaxUp to $300
iPhone 11 ProUp to $250
iPhone 11Up to $200
iPhone XS MaxUp to $170
iPhone XSUp to $140
iPhone XRUp to $140
iPhone XUp to $120
iPhone 8 PlusUp to $90
iPhone 8Up to $60
iPhone 7 PlusUp to $50
iPhone 7Up to $40

Samsung Trading Values

Samsung ModelsTrade Value
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5GUp to $325
Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5GUp to $225
Samsung Galaxy S22 5GUp to $180
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5GUp to $140
Samsung Galaxy S21 5GUp to $120
Samsung Galaxy S20+Up to $90
Samsung Galaxy S20Up to $85
Samsung Galaxy S10+Up to $90
Samsung Galaxy S10Up to $65
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 UltraUp to $140
Samsung Galaxy Note 20Up to $100

Google Trading Values

Google ProductsTrade Value
Google Pixel 6 ProUp to $125
Google Pixel 6Up to $90
Google Pixel 6aUp to $80
Google Pixel 5Up to $50
Google Pixel 5aUp to $60
Google Pixel 4 XLUp to $35
Google Pixel 4Up to $30

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will be available to customers from September 22. These devices are being offered by Apple in black, blue, pink, yellow, and green. The pricing for the Apple Device iPhone 15 begins at $799 and for the iPhone 15 Plus it is about $899 both being the 128GB versions.


What Devices Are Eligible For Exchange?

You can exchange a number of Apple and third-party devices such as Samsung and Google smartphones for instant credit. This can be done online or at any Apple Store in your area of residence.

If your device cannot be exchanged then do consider giving it to Apple for recycling. 

Does Apple offer recycling?

Yes. Apple Trade In lets you recycle any Apple device at an Apple Store location and on apple.com for free. Whether recycled or reused, everything is managed in a responsible manner so as to not harm the environment.

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