How to Type A with Accent(à, á, â, ã, ä, å)(2024)

Being a language learner, a student, or a person who types languages you need to be an expert in typing letters in various formats. But when it comes to accent marks most of you might be facing difficulty. Yes, it is quite difficult How to Type A with Accent, à, á, â, ã, ä, or å on your computer or mobile.

One of the most important reasons How to Type A with Accent can be quite difficult is because this special character is conspicuously absent from most computer keyboards.

But no fear as in this article we shall share with you all the shortcut methods on How to Type A with Accent on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. By mastering these shortcuts you will soon be proficient in effective linguistic communication.

Here’s How to Type A with Accent on Windows

As a student or a writer, you must be quite familiar with keyboard shortcuts. The same can be used to write with an accent. The best example is that to type the small ‘a’ with a grave accent, you can use Alt + 0224. Or to type a small ‘a’ with an acute accent, you can use Alt + 0225.

Table of shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcuts


Follow these steps on How to Type A with Accent:

  • Open the document (In Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint).
  • Turn on the Num Lock key
  • Activate the numeric keypad.
  • Press Down on the Alt key
  • Type the alt code
  • After typing the alt code, release the Alt key.
  • Check if the right A with accent mark has been inserted in your document.

Use Character Map

  • Click on the Start menu
  • Locate the Character Map and open it.
  • Type “a” or “a with an accent” on the search bar
  • Next Press Enter.
  • Select the desired A character by tapping on it.
  • Tap on the Select button to copy the A accent.
  • Click on the Copy button
  • Paste the character by pressing Ctrl + V
  • You can also Right Click and Paste.

Here is How to Type A with Accent on Mac:

Keyboard Shorcuts For Mac

Mac keyboard shortcuts to type A with Accents.

Here we share some of them for you:

To type à (A with grave) press [OPTION]+[`] then a.
To type á (A with acute) press [OPTION]+[e] then a.
To type â (A with circumflex) press [OPTION]+[i] then a.
To type ä (A with umlaut) press [OPTION]+[u] then a.
To type ã (A with Tilde) press [OPTION]+[n] then a.

Remember always press and release the keys indicated


Follow these simple steps to type ‘a’ with an accent on your Mac computer or laptop:

  • Open your document or application
  • Place the insertion point where you want the letter A with an accent mark to appear.
  • On the Mac keyboard, press on Option key.
  • Tap on the keys that correspond to your preferred accent:
  • E to type a with acute
  • I to type a with circumflex
  • N to type a with tilde
  • U to type a with umlaut
  • Release the Option key
  • Next, tap the letter A key.
  • Check if an accent has been inserted in your document.

Here’s How to Type A with Accent in Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Word has a built-in symbol insertion feature.
  • Click on the Insert tab on the menu bar.
  • Search for the Symbol button.
  • Tap on the Symbol Button
  • Click on More Symbols on the dropdown menu.
  • The Symbol dialogue will appear with the symbols and special characters.
  • Click the accented ‘a’ character and then click on Insert.

Type A with Accent in Google Docs

  • Open a new Google Docs on your computer.
  • Place your cursor on the document to insert the accented ‘A’.
  • Click on Insert
  • Select Special Characters from the drop-down menu.
  • In its dialog box, type “a with accent”
  • Select the desired “a with accent” character.
  • Click on Insert and add it to your document.

On Your Android Phone

  • To type the letter ‘a’ with an accent on your Android phone
  • Long-press on the letter A.
  • A popup will appear with the accented ‘a’
  • Press on the right accented ‘a’ letter
  • Check if it is inserted.

On iPhone or iPad

  • Long-press on the letter A
  • A popup with the accented ‘a’ will appear.
  • Press over the accented ‘a’ character you want.
  • Lift your finger to insert the character
  • Check if it is inserted.

Types of Accents on A Letter

A with Grave: à, À – This is used in French, Italian, and Portuguese to indicate a lower, open vowel sound.

A with Acute: á, Á– Used in Spanish, Portuguese, and Hungarian to indicate a higher, more acute vowel sound.

A with Circumflex: â, Â – used in French to indicate that vowels should be pronounced in specific ways.

A with Tilde: ã, Ã – used in Portuguese to indicate a nasal vowel sound.

A with Umlaut: ä, Ä – used in German, and Swedish to indicate a different vowel sound.

Though it is not found on the keyboards the letter a with an accent can be easily incorporated with the help of the above steps. You must also memorise keyboard shortcuts for faster work. We do hope this article has been helpful.

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