How to Get the Null Glove In Slap Battles (2024)

do you want to get Null Glove in the Roblox Slap Battles game? If your answer is YES then you landed in the right place.

In the recent update of Roblox Slap Battles game developers have introduced new gloves called Null Gloves.

Since day one this glove is introduced in the game players want to get Null Glove because of its rarity. But getting the Null Glove is not an easy task.

In this guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions to get the Null Glove into the Roblox Slap Battles game.

So without any further ado let’s get started,

How to Get the Null Glove In Slap Battles

To get the Null Glove in the Slap Battles game you need to find the Rob Plushie and unlock the Relic Badge. You can find Rob Plishie in the Null Zone.

To enter the Null Zone you need to spawn into the game with two friends. Once you and your friends enter the game ask one of your friends to wear a Rob glove and the other one a Bob glove.

Now, tell both of your friends to stand adjacent to each other and activate their powers. Once they did that a purple and black color portal will appear.

You need to enter into this portal. once you enter the portal you will die. Now, tell your friends to touch the portal as well.

After you spawn into the lobby you and your friend will be teleported into the Null Zone. Once you are in the Null Zone you will receive a message that says “The Relic Calls for an Audience”.

In Null Zone, you will find a lot of dead bodies around. Ignore them and move forward and look for the Switch.

dead bodys
image source: YouTube

Once you find the switch activates it. This will open a door to the next room where you can find the Handle.

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Pull the handle, once you enter the room black minions will attack you, make sure to kill them all.

Now keep moving until you find the Maze Room. At the end of the maze room, you can find the Pressure Plate at the end of the room. You need to stand on this pressure plate to open the door.

pressure plate
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Once the door is open ask your friend to enter the room and stand on the pressure plate in front of you to keep the gate open for you.

Enter the room and keep moving forward while facing the challenges that come your way.

Once you finally reach the end of the Null Zone, you will see the giant Rob plushie. Click on it and you will get the Relic Badge at the cost of 0 Robux.

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Come out of the Null Zone and purchase the Null Glove from the lobby.

That’s it we hope this guide helps you get the Null Glove in Slap Battles.

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