Fix Channel 29 on GOtv Not Showing Issue (2024)

The GOtv is one of the most popular Television service providers across the regions of Africa. Season 8 of Africa’s biggest reality Television show, Big Brother Naija has finally arrived on GOtv channel 29. But most of the GoTv subscribers have not been able to watch the BBN show. Many of the users have been complaining about Channel 29 on GOtv not showing.

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Big Brother Naija 8 premiered on Sunday 23 July 2023 on Stv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has once again returned as the host of the popular show. But many users were disappointed as they were unable to view the popular show for Channel 29 on GoTV not showing issue.

Why is Channel 29 on GOtv not showing?

The possibility of channel 29 on GOtv not showing can be due to technical errors. So, try troubleshooting it. One can also try to reset the device. Login to your GOtv App to clear the error, and scan to get channel 29 on the GOtv decoder. If nothing else works then contact any of the GOtv customer care representatives to get the problem solved.

How to fix Channel 29 on GOtv not showing error:

The first and foremost step is to check if your subscription to GOtv is active or not. To activate channel 29, you need to subscribe to GOtv plans such as Max or Jolli. These plans are available for N1,900. If you have an active subscription plan and are still facing the issue of Channel 29 on GOtv not showing then here is how you can solve it.

How to Fix Invalid Channel Issue on GOtv.

Remote Scan

  • Press Menu on your GOtv remote
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • Tap on Installation
  • Access the Scan and Reset option
  • Click on tuning
  • Select automatic scan
  • Tap “OK
    Once scanning completes, press the exit button on your remote to complete the reset option and view the GOtv channel 29.
GOtv automatic scanning

Decoder Scan

  • Press and hold the power button on GOtv
  • Release the button as soon as the decoder goes off
  • The decoder will soon restart and begin scanning
  • As soon as the scanning is complete
  • Check if GOtv is working

If it’s showing GOtv error E016, you can clear this by sending “RESET IUC to 4688” using the phone number linked to your GOtv decoder. You can also dial visit to clear GOtv error codes.

Parental Control

Another reason for Channel 29 on GOtv not showing can be the active Parental Control setting. Someone from the family may have activated the active Parental control settings on the BBTitans channel.

  • Press the White MENU button on your remote control.
  • Scroll to select “Parental Controls”
  • Check if it is disabled or not.
  • The default PIN is 1234
  • Use the PIN to access the Parental Control settings and disable it.

Get in Touch with GOtv’s Customer Service

If by following the above steps you are still facing Channel 29 on GOtv not showing then you must contact customer care. Do keep your UIC number around you because it will be required.

The Customer care line is

  • 9Mobile: 09090630333
  • Glo: 08113630333
  • Airtel: 07080630333
  • MTN: 08149860333 and
  • The General line 012703232.

Big Brother Naija Season 6

BBNaia Season 8 is a popular reality show that premiered on July 23 on GOtv. The inmates will compete with each other for 72 days to win the title. Big Brother Naija, previously known as Big Brother Nigeria, is a popular Nigerian reality competition television series. It is based on the renowned Big Brother television franchise.

The inmates will engage in various challenges and surprising twists and turns. They also have to avoid eviction by viewers. The viewers have the power to vote as they decide who can stay in the show and who will be evicted.

It is a unique blend of entertainment and drama. Big Brother Naija is a cultural phenomenon and a significant event in the television landscape. Fans are set to witness an entertaining 72 days as the participants challenge each other to stay on the show.

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