House Party Cheats & Console Commands (2024)

If you want to take the shortcut and know about the best House Party cheats, this guide is for you. 

House Party is a comedy adventure game inspired by classic comedies of the ’90s. It is a decision-based game where your choices can affect the story. 

Learn the best House Party cheats with this guide.

House Party Cheats & Console Commands

  • DoorCommand: ‘lock or unlock’ door ‘door name’ Lock or unlock doors 
  • Roaming Command: ‘character’ name’ roaming ‘true or false’ allow Prevent characters from moving away from their current location
  • WalkTo Command: ‘character’s name’ walkto ‘location name’ Make characters walk to a desired location
  • WarpTo Command: ‘person’s name’ warpto player Make characters be teleported right in front of you
  • Combat Command: combat ‘character name(s)’ ‘passout or wakeup or fight’ Make characters fight each other/
  • Intimacy Command: intimacy player ‘other person’s name’ ‘s*x position’ s*xualact Having s*x with any person
  • Player Command: player inventory add ‘item name’ Add items to your inventory
  • Quest Command: quest ‘start or complete’ “quest name” Complete quests automatically
  • SocialCommand: social ‘target person’ player ‘number’ friendship add Boost friendship, romance and drunk-level of characters
  • Bodyparts Command: bodypart ‘respective body part’ ‘target person’ ‘value’ Change the size of certain body parts
  • Drunk Command: social player drunk add ‘number’
  • Clear command: Just type in “clear” Empty your command history
  • Clothing Command: clothing ‘character name’ ‘item’ change ‘on or off’ Remove clothes of the characters
  • Item Command: ‘person’s name’ mount item glasses head true Give any character an item to hold
  • Set any character on fire Command: state 51 add ‘person’s name’ You can set any character on fire. To extinguish the fire, simply replace “add” with “remove”.
  • Pose Command: ‘person’s name’ pose ‘respective pose’ true Make any character pose for you
  • ChangeSize: Change the size of people or objects.
  • Crosshair: Change the design of your cursor.
  • Dance: Make characters dance or stop dancing.
  • Dialogue: Trigger certain dialogues.
  • GameMsg: Display any kind of text in the game.
  • Emote: Make the mimics of characters change.
  • Events: Trigger certain events.
  • Fade: Fade in or fade out.

These are all the best House Party cheats that you can use to enhance your gameplay experience. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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