HoloCure Player Count (2024): How Many Players Are Playing It?

HoloCure is a free, unofficial fangame featuring the Vtuber talents of Hololive and its surrounding community. Are you curious to know the HoloCure player count?

With gameplay inspired by Vampire Survivors, HoloCure allows users to collect powerful weapons and items as well as experiment with different character builds. 

HoloCure is a game that captured the imagination of players from the very start. The game inspired a huge player base when it was launched and still commands a large player base today. 

Let us take a look at the HoloCure player count below. 

HoloCure Player Count

As we stated earlier, HoloCure has a large player base. It has 28,857 concurrent players and the daily active player count can go over 61,7357 on days.

The number of concurrent players can alter on any given day depending on the time of the day and day of the week. Weekends see a lot more players compared to the weekdays. 

Moreover, new updates encourage more players to log in to the game to try them out. 

HoloCure is only available for Windows through Steam right now. It is not currently available for Linux, Mac, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, or PS5. 


Is HoloCure Still Popular?

It has not been long since HoloCure was released and the game’s popularity has not dulled since its release. The game has a lot of positive feedback and continues to be a topic of discussion on Reddit and other social media platforms.

The game has a consistently high player base which is a testament to its persisting popularity. 

Is HoloCure Free To Play? 

HoloCure is a free to play game that can be downloaded through Steam. However, while the base game is free to play, there are in-game purchases that players can make to enhance their gameplay.

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