GWA Calculator: How to Compute Your General Weighted Average (2024)

In today’s fast-paced educational landscape, if you are a student applying for admission into a university or qualifying for a scholarship grant. GWA (Grade Weighted Average) is an important part of the qualification process.

In this article, we shall share with you the features of GWA and also guide you through a quick way to compute your GWA in the Philippines.

What Is GWA?

GWA (General Weighted Average) is an averaging system used in the Philippines for a student’s overall academic performance for a semester or an academic year. It is based on the grades obtained and the corresponding number of units of each class.

GWA is used to determine class rankings, academic standing, and eligibility for scholarships or honours programs. To calculate your Grade Weighted Average (GWA) GWA Calculator, a web-based tool is available at

On the whole, GWA is used in the Philippines for grading a college or university student’s academic performance. This is done by considering the weight of each course or subject taken depending on its difficulty or importance.

Features of GWA Calculator:

Here are some of the main features of the GWA Calculator:

User-Friendly Interface:

As you visit, you will be greeted with an easy and straightforward interface that even a novice can easily use for a seamless experience.

Easy Course Input:

To calculate your GWA, you need to put the course name, credit values and corresponding grades in the designated fields. GWA Calculator allows you to select the appropriate scale that aligns with your institution’s guidelines.

Automatic Calculation:

As soon as you’ve entered your course details, the GWA Calculator performs complex calculations and instantly computes your GWA based on the provided inputs.


GWA Calculator can utilise the varying methods for calculating GWA used by different universities. It has customizable settings, that allow you to adjust the weight assigned to each grade category based on your institution’s specific criteria.

Mobile Compatibility:

GWA Calculator is mobile-friendly, allowing you to calculate your GWA on the go.

How To Check Your GWA:

Visit on your web browser. Input the course names and grades for each course.

Customize the settings based on your institution’s guidelines. GWA Calculator will calculate your GWA and display the results.

By using the GWA Calculator students can:

  • Keep track of their academic progress.
  • Identify areas that need improvement.
  • Make informed decisions regarding course selection.

How To Compute GWA For A High School Student

Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Check your final grades for each subject from your report card.
  • It is the average of grades on a subject for the school year.
  • Divide the sum of the final grades with the total number of subjects.
  • The resulting number is your General Average.

How To Compute GWA For A College Student

a) Computing GWA for a Certain Semester

  • Finalise the semester to compute GWA.
  • Determine grades for each class.
  • Multiply each grade by number of units.
  • Add the resulting numbers of all the classes.
  • Divide the sum by the total number of units of the semester.
  • The resulting number is your GWA for that semester.

b) Computing GWA for the Academic Year

  • Multiply each grade obtained for every subject by their respective number of units.
  • Add the resulting numbers for all subjects.
  • Divide the sum by the total number of units of the academic year.
  • The resulting number is GWA for that academic year.

How To Compute GWA for an Alumnus

To compute GWA, you may look at your Transcript of Records (TOR).

  • Determine grades for every class as per TOR.
  • Multiply each grade by the unit credits of that
  • Add the resulting numbers from the previous step.
  • Divide the sum obtained in step 3 with the total number of units acquired.
  • The resulting number is your GWA.

However, it is no secret that universities in the Philippines use different grading systems. Some use a grade-point scale where the highest grade is 1.00, while others have 4.00 as their highest grade. Some institutions follow the GPA grading system. Many others use GWA.

What Is The Difference Between GPA & GWA?

GPA and GWA measure academic performance. GPA is used in the United States, but GWA is for the Philippines.

GWA is calculated using credit hours. It takes the weight of each course and divides it by the number of credit hours. GPA is calculated through the point system. It assigns numerical values to each grade.

What Is The Passing GWA in The Philippines?

The passing general weighted average in the Philippines depends on the grading system used by the university. Some Universities use a grade-point scale of 1.00 to 5.00, where 1.00 is the highest.

They consider 3.00 as their passing GWA. On the other hand, institutions that use a 4.00 to 1.00 grade-point scale consider 1.00 as passing.

We do hope you have found this article helpful.

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