Google Input Tool Not Working Fix (2024)

Google Input Tool is a software application developed by Google. This tool is quite convenient as it allows you to type in multiple languages without switching keyboards or input methods. Currently, users are facing a Google Input Tool Not working issue as they are unable to download the Google Input Tool.

Why Is the Google Input Tool Not Working?

Are you unable to download the Google Input Tool? Is the Google Input Tool not working? You are unable to download Google Input Tools software because Google has removed the download link from its official website.

The Google Input Tool team confirms that the Windows application is no longer available for download or installation. Therefore users are facing the Google Input Tool not working error. Instead, you can install the Google Input Tools Chrome extension as an alternative.

But do not worry as Google still allows you to add Input Tools as a Chrome extension. In this article, we have shared how to solve the Google Input Tool not working error and install it on your Chrome web browser.

google input tool

How To Install Google Input Tool

Google Input Tool software is available as a Chrome extension, follow the steps to install it on your Chrome web browser.

  • Launch your Chrome web browser and go to the official Google Input Tool extension link.
  • Install the Google Input Tools extension.
  • Tap on the Add to Chrome button.
  • Click on the Add extension option.
  • Tap on the Extensions icon.
  • Tap on the Pin option next to Google Input Tools to install it.

How To Add Languages to Google Input Tool

To add languages to Google Input Tools follow the steps shared below.

  • Post adding Google Input Tools to the Chrome extensions.
  • Tap on the extension and select Extension Options.
  • In the Add Input Tools box a list of languages will open.
  • Add your preferred language to the Selected Input Tools box.
  • Tap on Google Input Tool’s extension and select Keyboard shortcut settings.
  • Tap on the pencil icon and add a keyboard shortcut to activate the extension.
  • The Google Input Tools will now be added to Chrome.

There is a gesture mode too in Google Input Tools. To enable the gesture mode tap on the pencil icon. To enable the typing mode, tap on the letter icon of the respective language. To disable the extension click on the Turn Off option. To turn it ON tap on any of the languages.

To use Google Input Tools without installing it on Chrome. Click on the “Try it out” option on the official website. The virtual keyboard and gesture mode are also available here. To remove the extension select “Remove from Chrome.”

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