GOG Galaxy Not Showing Owned Games Fix (2023) – SOLVED

GOG Galaxy is a universal games launcher that combines your favourite PC and console platforms in a single place. It not only includes all your games but your friends too. But many users have been complaining about GOG Galaxy Not Showing Owned Games.

Yes, many members of the GOG gaming community complain that the games they purchase suddenly disappear from My Own Games List. If you are also facing the GOG Galaxy Not Showing Owned Games Error then do not worry.

In this article, we are sharing with you some tips on how to resolve the GOG Galaxy Not Showing Owned Games error. 


Reasons GOG Galaxy Not Showing Owned Games Error:

There are many reasons you are seeing the error:

  • Server Issue
  • Network Issue
  • Bugs and Glitches
  • Updates

Here Is How To Fix the GOG Galaxy Not Showing Owned Games Error:  

Check Server Status

Server Status

Sometimes, you may face an error due to server problems. Developers mostly update consumers through email or social media accounts. Do check the status of the GOG server on its official social media account. If it is down or under maintenance then you will have to wait for some hours till the team restores the servers once again.

 Check Internet Service:

  • Check if the internet connection is stable 
  • Do a speed test to check speed.
  • If it is slow contact your service provider.
  •  If using a VPN.
  • Disable the VPN.
  • You can also use an ethernet to solve the issue.

Refresh GOG Account:

  • Go to your web browser
  • Click on the GOG website.
  • Enter your login details.
  • Go to the GOG user refresh page.
  • Tap on the GOG account refresh page.
  • Check the GOG game library to see if it has solved the error.

Check Hidden Games:

It is no secret that GOG allows gamers to hide their applications from the library.  Sometimes the games may automatically be shifted to the Hidden GOG section.

  • Open GOG account
  • Click on the My Collection.
  • Tap on the Hidden Games option.
  • Search for the missing game files.
  • To unhide
  • Tap on Menu
  • Select the Unhide option.
  • Refresh the game. 
  • See if the problem is resolved or not.

Sometimes games are not available to access as soon as you purchase. It takes time to reflect the title on your list. Try reloading the GOG library and checking if you can see the game in the list.

GOG Galaxy

If none of the above solutions work then it’s better to contact GOG support and attain support to solve the issue at the earliest. Mention your buyer ID to GOG customer support service.  They will guide you with solutions to the error.

What Is GOG Galaxy?

GOG is a games storefront owned by CD Projekt. The company is known for developing The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. In 2014, the company launched GOG Galaxy which lets you buy games from GOG, receive updates, and chat with friends.

It’s a single library for all your games from Steam, Origin, UPlay and Epic Store, as well as games from GOG.com. You can install and launch any game and also keep track of your achievements.

Hope the above article has answered all your questions regarding GOG Galaxy Not Showing Owned Game error. 

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