How to Get & Upgrade Haunted Scythe In Pilgrammed (2023)

Do you want to get Haunted Scythe in Roblox Pilgrammed? If your answer is YES then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

There are tons of Pilgrammed players who wish to get the Haunted Scythe but they actually don’t know how to get it.

If you too are one of those players then don’t worry, we will explain the entire procedure here.

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In this post, we will not only explain how to get the Haunted Scythe but also teach you how to get upgrade it in Roblox Pilgrammed.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining Haunted Scythe In Roblox Pilgrammed

To get the Haunted Scythe in Pilgrammed, you must have 15 Scrap Metals.

If you don’t have the required Scrap Metal in Pilgrammed, you need to get yourself teleported to the Forest Mirror.

Once you get there, you need to find a boss named Yalgaroth, who can be found in a Little Cave ‘Boss Bjorn Cave’, which is located next to the Mountain on the Forest.

Once you found the Cave, you need to keep running to the edge of the Cave. When you get there, the boss will spawn.

Notably, sometimes the boss takes a bit of time to spawn. So, be patient.

Once the boss spawns, you need to kill it as quickly as possible. When you do so, the boss will drop the Scrap Metal.

You might need to kill him a bunch of times to get the required amount of Scrap Metal in Pilgrammed.

Once you have got 15 Scrap Metal, you need to teleport to Savanna Mirror and find a Blacksmith.

Once found, you need to purchase Scrap Sickle from him by paying 15 Scrap Metal and 500 Gold.

Once purchased, make sure you have at least 25 Chaos Essence. If you don’t have that then you need to Teleport to Volcano Mirror and get to the Deep Desert.

Once you get to the Deep Desert, you need to keep straight and then take the left turn.

After that, you need to fight with King Sandpod.

When you kill the King Sandpod in Pilgrammed, you will get 4 Chaos Essence. Since the required Chaos Essence is 25, you need to kill him at least 7 times.

Once you have got 25 Chaos Essence, head to Forest Mirror and head to the next island.

Once you get there, you need to wait until Nighttime. Once it is the Nightime, Scarecrows will begin spawning and attacking you.

Notably, these Scarecrows have a 0.7 chance of dropping the Haunted Scyth in Pilgrammed.

What all you need to do is kill Scarecrows until you get 75 Straw in Pilgrammed and then head to an NPC named Mr Pumpkino.

After interacting with Mr. Pumpinko, you can purchase the Haunted Scythe for Scrap Sickel, 75 Straw, and 25 Chaose Essence.

Upgrading Haunted Scythe In Pilgrammed

Once you have successfully purchased the Haunted Scythe in Pilgrammed, you need to head to the Volcano Mirror.

To upgrade the Haunted Scythe in Pilgrammed, you need to complete N’s Quest Line.

Once you have successfully completed the N’s Quest Line, you will get a Shop option.

Once the Shop option appears, you need to buy an item called Ritual Crescent for 1500 Gold, 25 Chaose Essence (160), 25 Polar Fur (141), 25 Straw (8), and Blood Gem (0).

That’s all you need to know about how to get and upgrade Haunted Scythe in Pilgrammed.

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