How to Get Augments In Fire Force Online (2023)

If you play the Fire Force Online game then you must be aware that are different types of Augments available in the game.

Ecer Augments has its unique color effect and abilities that will strengthen your fire impact and damage opponents.

But thede Augments are very rare items and getting them is not an easy task. If you want to get all Augments in the Fire Force Online game then you are in the right place.

In this guide, we will show you all Augments available in the Fire Force game and also show you how to get them.

What Are the Different Types of Augments Available In the Fire Force Online?

Currently, a total of Nine working Augments are available in the game and each augment has its individual and unique colors. Here are the different Augments available in the game:

1. Life Stealers Augment

red augment
image source: YouTube

The Life Stealers Augment is a red color augment that changes the color of the player’s flam to vivid red color as you can see in the image above.

It will heal a small amount of health in every successful attack on an opponent.

2. Azure Flame Augment

azure augment
image source: YouTube

The second augment in our list is Azure Flame Augment. It changes the flame’s color to blue. This augment not only changes the color of your flame but also gives flame tick damage over time.

The only limitation of this augment is, it can be canceled by dodging.

3. Thunder Augment

thunder augment
image source: YouTube

Next, augment is Thunder Augment which will give a solid blue color effect to your fire and has the ability to give shocks to your opponent and leave them stunned for a second and give you time to strategies your attacks on the moment.

4. Reverse Augment

recers augment
image source: YouTube

The Reverse Augment is an augment that changes your flam color into White and it will put a sort of painful effect on your opponent.

This augment puts a spiraling circling effect on the opponent and then when they’re knocked back it’ll drag them back toward you.

5. Frost Augment

frost augment
image source: YouTube

It will change your flame color into bluish-white color and slow down your opponent like a snow effect and make them unable to run but they can be able to do other stuff.

6. Explosive Detonation Augment

image source: YouTube

It is an orangish augment that changes your flame color to orange. The Explosive Detonation augment is like a time bomb that explodes every 2 seconds and damages your opponents and slightly stunning them as well.

7. Energy Syphon Augment

energy syphon
image source: YouTube

The Energy Syphon Augment is an augment that changes your flame color to green. If the player implements this augment it will drain all energy from the opponent and transfer it to the player.

Then this transferred energy will be used to attack the opponent with full energy causing high damage.

8. Poison Augment

image source: YouTube

Poison Augment is Yellow color augment that will create a small tornado around your opponent and cause serious damage no matter what type of defense your opponent has.

9. Probability Augment

image source: YouTube

As the name suggests the Probability Augment is unpredictable it will randomly trigger any augment available in the game. In short, it is an all-in-one augment but you can’t predict which augment is going to trigger.

How to Get Augments in Fire Force Online Game

Currently, all 9 augments will be received from the chests that you can find while playing the Fire Force game.

However, obtaining the augments is not an easy task there will be only a 0.1% chance to get augments from the chest.

You can get augments in three ways either you have to win the Ranked match and get the chest in which you will find the augment.

ranked match
image source: YouTube

The second way is Beating the Sho Kusakabe Boss which is not an easy task you have to fight with the boss again and again until you win.

image source: YouTube

the third and last way to get the augment is by winning the Global Events. Once you win the event you will get a chest as a reward in which you will find the augment.

image source: YouTube

That’s all you need to know about how to get the augments in the Fire Force Online game.

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