How To Get Gems in Project New World? – 3 Easy Ways

Do you want to learn multiple ways to get Gems in Project New World? If your answer is YES, then you are in the right place.

In this guide, we will explain multiple methods that can be used to obtain Gems in this newly released Roblox game.

Project New World is a very popular Roblox game developed by Holy Developer Council. This game is inspired by One Peace.

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In this game you have to play either as a Marine or a Pirate and collect Devil Fruits to increase your abilities and try to become the master of all the seas.

To get Gems in Roblox Project New World, you have to complete some quests, kill bosses like Dual Sword Man and Fire Fist.

Without any further ado let’s get started,

How To Get Gems in Project New World

There might be multiple ways that can be used to obtain Gems in Roblox Project New World but in this post, we will explain three easy methods.

1. Complete Quests

The first way to get Gems needs you to complete certain quests. To complete quests in Project New World, you have to go to the starter Iceland.

Once you get there, search for an NPC called Joanna, she is a task Giver. After finding her, talk to her.

When you talk to her, she will ask you to “Transport barrels Good for me for a healthy reward”. When she gives a quest, Accept it.

Now you have to go to the receiver and deliver barrels. For that you have to follow the direction of the arrow and drop the parcel there.

Once completed, the quest will give you 5000 belly and 5 Gems. You can do it again and again and get free Gems but you have to wait an hour until the next shipment arrives.

Now let’s head toward the next way to get Gems.

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2. Kill Bosses

Next way to get Gems is through super bosses. The  first Super boss is the Dual Swordsman.

Project New World Gems

To get more Gems, you have to fight with a Duel Swordsman who spawns at low town. You can find him at level 350 Island.

The boss will give you 5000 belly and 10 gems and it has a chance of dropping two accessories and that boss spawns every 60 minutes. To get gems, you must deal at least 20 percent of the boss’s Health to get the reward of it.

There are only two super bosses as of now in Project New World — Duel Swordsman and Mace Boss.

Project New World Gems

The second boss Mace is a bit stronger. To get gems by defeating Mace Boss, you need to deal 20 damage to get the rewards. He spawns at the Marine base Town at level 600.

When defeated, he drops 15 gems and 5000 belly.

3. Buy Gems From Store

The third and last way to get gems is directly buy from the Store. You have to spend Robux and buy gems.

To get 250 Gems in Project New World, you need to spend 1000 Robux.

We hope this guide helped you to get Gems in Project New World. For more such content visit our website here we will cover everything to do with Roblox.

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