Top 10 Best GCash Paying Apps in The Philippines (June 2024)

Are you looking for legit apps to make money in the Philippines? If your answer is YES then look no further as we have you covered.

When you search for legit Gcash paying apps in the Philippines, you might see a huge list of apps but not all of them are safe for you.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of all legit apps that pay in Gcash. Before I unleash the list of money-making apps, let me tell you that GCash is only available in the Phillippines.

Since everyone is busy making money but not all of them are fortunate enough to earn through the comfort of their home.

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If you use the following apps, you might earn a decent amount of money that can later be claimed through GCash in the Philippines.

Notably, the list of legit GCash paying apps we have mentioned here is not going to make you a millionaire but if you use them wisely, you might live your dream life.

Since the internet is filled with money-making apps, a lot of users in the Philippines are having trouble finding the best GCash app.

If you live in the Philippines and are looking for apps that pay in GCash then you must bookmark this page we will keep updating this page with legit paying apps.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Legit Paying Apps Via Gcash in the Philippines (2024)

Here are some of the best GCash paying apps in the Philippines:

1. BuzzBreak

BuzzBreak is one of the best and most trusted Gcash applications in the Philippines. This application pays its users in Gcash.

To get started with BuzzBreak, all you need to do is download and install the application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Once installed, create an account and read news, watch videos, complete offers, and play games.

Irrespective of what activity you participate in, you will earn a certain amount of money that can later be claimed via GCash.

If you want to maximize your income, invite your friends and family members on this platform.

If you are living in the Philippines are looking for a legit app to earn money then BuzzBreaker would be an amazing option.

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2. Surveytime

By reading the name of this app, you must have guessed what this app is all about. For the unversed, Surveytime is not an application.

Yes, it is a website that can be used on Mobile and PC to make money in the Philippines. Like other legit paying apps, you need to create an account on Surveytime as well.

Once you have created an account on Surveytime, you have to complete some surveys to earn money.

The best thing about surveys available on SurveyTime is you don’t need to write anything long. All you need to do is select one from multiple options.

If you are looking for websites to earn money by completing surveys, don’t forget to visit Surveytime.

3. Linkinpay

Linkinpay is yet another platform that can be used to make money in the Philippines. Before you skip reading this post and use Linkinpay to earn money, let me tell you that this platform can only be accessed in the Philippines.

Irrespective of whether you want to make money online by completing surveys, monetizing your traffic or running CPA campaigns, Linkinpay is a great platform to use in the Philippines.

The only downside of this platform is it does not have an app for Android and iOS users. To get started with Linkinpay, you need to visit its official website and sign up.

4. PanelPlace

PanelPlace is yet another platform that claims to pay its users in the form GCash. The best thing about this platform is it always has surveys to complete.

All you need to do is visit Panel Place on your browser and sign up. Once your account is created, you need to find Surveys listed there.

Once found, you need to complete those surveys to earn some money. There are tons of users on the web that are making tons of money by using the Panel Place platform.

If you live in the Philippines then PanelPlace would be a great application to make some extra money.

5. Clickworker

Unlike the above-mentioned platforms, Clickworker does have an application for Android and iOS devices.

What makes Clickworker massively popular among people searching for legit GCash paying apps is it has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

To earn money via Clickworker, you only need to download and install its application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Once installed, login to the app and complete micro jobs such as uploading photos, and videos and completing surveys.

6. Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers is a community that you can use to earn money by voicing your opinion and completing rewards.

The best thing about Toluna is it can be accessed through browsers and applications. To make money through Toluna, you simply need to visit its official site or download and install its application.

Once done, you need to select a product from their marketplace and write a review or opinion on that product.

When you do so, Toluna will reward you in the form of GCash. If you are looking for a legit GCash app in the Philippines, you can trust Toluna because it is trusted by major companies like Tango Cards, Amazon, and PayPal.

7. PayMaya

PayMaya is a financial services and digital payments company based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

There are tons of Philippines users who use this GCash-paying application to pay bills. What makes PayMaya popular in the Philippines is it does not need you to read the news, watch movies, or complete surveys to make money.

All you need to do is invite and request users to download and use PayMaya to make transactions.

When they download using your referral code and use it to make transactions, you will get ₱50 in your Gcash.

8. SnippetMedia

SnippetMedia is a digital media application that is available on Google Play Store and App Store to download and install for free.

Through SnippetMedia, you can read any story, or article of all niches such as Entertainment, Sports, Gaming, Fashion, Lifestyle, and others.

If you love reading and want to earn money by just reading the stories of your interest then this app is the best option for you.

For participating in activities in SnippetMedia, you will earn money that you can cash out via Gcash, and, Paymaya, and more.

9. Sweatcoin

SweatCoin is an amazing app that gives money to users by watching videos, completing surveys, reading stories, and inviting people.

Apart from performing these activities, you can earn a decent amount of money by simply walking using the SweatCoin application.

Unlike other money-making apps, Sweatcoin allows you to make money and take care of your health at the same time.

If you are health conscious and are looking for an app that pays you to walk then you must use SweatCoin once.

10. Snapcart

Snapcart is one of the best GCash apps that can be downloaded and installed in the Philippines. For the unversed, Snapcart is a marketing platform that connects brands with their potential customers.

You can earn money just by uploading a photo of your Receipt on this site. When you upload a receipt on Snapcart, you will be rewarded with points that can later be claimed via GCash.

Notably, Snapcart is only available in Indonesia and the Philippines. If you live in one of these two countries then go ahead and earn cashback using Snapcart.

That’s all.

These are some of the best and most legit paying apps in the Philippines Via GCash. If you live in the Philippines, you must try these apps to make money online.

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