How To Flip RV Van in Dusty Trip (2024)

Want to know how to Flip RV Van on a Dusty Trip? If yes then you have come to the right place.

Dusty Trip is an adventure game where players embark on an epic journey through vast desert landscapes. 

The game offers powerful vehicles designed to withstand the challenges of desert terrain, making it an exciting experience for explorers.

If your van gets stuck or flips over due to rough terrain, flipping it back ensures you can continue your journey.

Today i will guide you how you can Flip RV Van on a Dusty Trip.

Let’s get started.

How To Flip RV Van in Dusty Trip

To flip an RV van in Dusty Trip, follow these steps:

Locate the Car Flipper Tool: 

  • First, search for the car flipper tool in random buildings around the map. 
How To Flip RV Van in Dusty Trip
  • It’s commonly found near shops where items can be acquired using creative methods.

Remove the Wheels: 

  • Once you find the Car Fipper tool, use it to lift the RV van. 
  • Before doing so, remove all four wheels to prevent them from getting stuck. 
How To Flip RV Van in Dusty Trip
  • Approach each wheel and press the F key to remove it. 
  • Confirm the action and set the wheels aside.

Lift the RV Van: 

  • Place the car flipper tool under the RV van and lift the vehicle by pressing the F key. 
How To Flip RV Van in Dusty Trip
  • It may take several attempts to lift the van to the desired height. 
How To Flip RV Van in Dusty Trip
  • Use the Tire and place it near the van.
  • Be patient during this process.

Attach the Wheels: 

  • Once the van is upright, reattach the wheels by placing them back onto the vehicle. 
How To Flip RV Van in Dusty Trip
  • Make sure they are aligned and secure before proceeding.

Test and Drive: 

  • With all four wheels back on, test the stability of the van. 
  • If everything looks good, get in, close the door, and drive away.

Alternative Method:

Manual Flipping:

  • If the car flipper tool is not available or accessible, crouch down before the overturned van and use the LMB to push it. 
  • This method might be a bit trickier but can still get the job done.

These steps should help players successfully flip the RV van during their adventures in A Dusty Trip.

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