How To Get Flame Katana In Project Slayers (2023) – Update 1.5

Do you want to get Flame Katana in Project Slayers? If your answer is YES then you have come to the right place.

Project Slayers has plenty of Katanas to obtain and one of them is Flame. Ever since the new update was released, a lot of players have been searching for ways to get Flama Katana but they could not get it because nobody has covered it on the web.

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Being a die-hard fan of Project Slayers, we have finally found a way to obtain the Flame Katana in the game.

To know how and where to get it in the game, you need to keep on reading.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining Flame Katana In Project Slayers

To get Flama Katana in Project Slayers, you need to open up the Map list. Once the list is opened, you need to click on the Beast Cave to unlock it.

Once you have successfully unlocked the Beast Cave in Project Slayers, you need to find the Horseman Guy. Once found, go close to him and interact by pressing E and then teleport to the Beast Cave.

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Once you get to the Beast Cave, you need to find the Inosuke boss, whose health is 3000 and drops Tier 3 chest, Devouring rush 10%, Inosuke Pant 15%.

If your health is not that high and you are having trouble defeating the Inosuke boss, I recommend you to set your spawn point near the boss’ location. When you do so, you will spawn there and continue to fight with the Insokue boss.

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Once you have successfully defeated the Inosuke boss in Project Slayers, it is likely that you might get the Flame Katana.

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Notably, Flame Katana is a rare item that I got after defeating Inosuke Boss for the fifth time.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Inosuke boss in Project Slayers. While you are here, you might also be interested in playing Project Slayers on a private server.

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