Travis-Rilea Error In MW2 And Warzone Fix (2024)

are you encountering the Travis-Rilea Error in COD Modern Warfare 2 and Worzo? If your answer is YES then don’t worry you are not alone.

Many COD players encounter the Travis-Rilea Error while playing the game. It is a very frustrating error because it prevents players from entering the game.

In this guide, we will show you why you are facing the Travis-Rilea Error and how to fix it.

Why Are You Facing the Travis-Rilea Error In MW2 And Warzone?

COD Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone is a very popular battleground game and millions of people play this game.

But like any other battleground game, COD also faces issues and problems. Currently, many players encounter the Travis-Rilea Error.

It is a very common error occurred when there is an issue with your internet connection and you are getting a poor and unstable connection.

Another potential cause of the Travis-Rilea Error is a down and under maintenance server.

If you are also facing the same error message then you can fix it by following the methods mentioned below.

How to Fix the Travis-Rilea Error In MW2 and Warzone

Use the following methods to fix the Travis-Rilea Error in MW2 and Warzone.

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

In most cases, a Travis-Rilea Error message appears when there is an issue with the internet connection that you are using to play the game.

To fix this error message the first thing you need to do is check your internet connection. To do that use the internet speed testers available on the internet.

These testers will give you complete information about your internet connection. If you find any issue in your internet connection then you can try resolving this problem by restarting your WIFI router.

If it does not work then try switching to an ethernet connection if you are on a wireless connection.

If your device is already connected with an ethernet cable but still getting an unstable connection then contact your internet service provider and ask them to resolve your problem.

Method 2: Check Server Status

If there is no issue with your internet connection then you must be encountering this error because Activision’s server is down.

In that case, you need to visit Activision’s status page and check if they have mentioned the server downtime or maintenance.

If there is an issue in the server then you need to wait until the issue in the server will be fixed.

Method 3: Restart Your Device

Sometimes you are encountering issues because there are bugs and glitches in your device. These glitches are temporary and can be fixed by restarting your device.

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you then the last thing you need do is restart your device.

It is highly possible that restarting the device will work for you if not then you can contact Activision’s customer support for further assistance.

That’s it, we hope this guide helps you fix the Travis-Rilea Error in MW 2 and Warezone.

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